Scmdraft 2 - 0.9.0 Newest alpha builds (Irregularlies)

Note: These files represent the current build state, and may contain more bugs than usual. Use at your own risk !

View extended debug /warning / error logging with the -console command line option or entry in the debug menu.

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New features added since 0.8.0 release:
  • Extended overlay options, located in the left bar.

    Terrain height display. Click for big.

  • Extended terrain symmetry options, located in the left bar.

    Five-fold isometrical symmetry. Click for big.

  • New unit and unit sprite palette (window menu)
  • New pure sprite palette (window menu)
  • Reimplemented doodad palette to quickly display multiple doodads instead of just one. (window menu -> doodad palette)

    Space terrain doodads.

  • Reimplemented user-defined brush palette to display graphical preview of the loaded brushes. (window menu -> brush palette)

    Custom ramps loaded from a user-defined brush file.

  • Pathfinding region preview

    Pathfinder region display and microtile height display. Click for big.

  • Minimap display, terrain palette now stretch displayed images to fit available space.
  • Hi-DPI / 4K display support.
  • Stability improvements and misc. bug fixes

Available builds

to support hosting and development.

2018.02.18Add experimental 'Set Location Position' EUD action and condition.
Various minor fixes to classic trigedit.
2018.02.15Improve handling of backspace in autocomplete dropdowns in classic trigedit
2018.02.13Fix: Last row of cliff edges sometimes were mismatched (bug introduced recently)
Revert change to trigger player strings having two spaces before the index.
Change EUD trigger detection algorithm some more.
Add support for entering player IDs using 'PlayerID: XXX'; 'ID: XXX'; and just 'XXX'
2018.02.12Fix: Set deaths action and tranmission action didn't allow setting all parameters
New trigger conditions / actions remember parameters when switching the condition / action type.
2018.02.08Fix: Could not disable trigger actions.
Various internal cleanup of trigger UI + data code.
2018.02.05Fix: Invalid mineral area rendering did not take the scroll position into account.
Fix: Could not change the sprite owner in the sprite properties dialog.
Various internal cleanup of trigger UI + data code.
2018.01.15Minor internal fog of war preview simplification.
2018.01.12Fix: An infinite loop may occur when switching unit types of damaged buildings.
Fix: When switching all map unit types to start location, every other unit was being skipped.
Change: Final changes to the terrain holder code.
2018.01.10Add support for custom color cycling code.
Fix: Improve parsing of integers in text trigedit to support a larger range of numbers in EUDs.
Change: More updates to the internal terrain handling code.
2018.01.08Fix: Sprites of doodads contained in the brush were missing the sub-offset.
Change: More updates to the internal terrain handling code.
2018.01.07Fix: dialog navigation hotkeys did not work in the edit trigger window.
Fix: Fix a crash when exporting sounds.
Fix: do not mark a map as changed on load when regenerating terrain.
Fix: New triggers always show up in the trigger list in classic trigedit.
Change: The expand/collapse state of the overlay and symmetry panels are restored on launch.
Change: No longer require setting a condition or action when creating a new trigger in classic trigedit.
Change: Improve color cycling slightly.
Change: Simplify some internal tileset handling code.
2018.01.05Fix: hotkeys were being filtered when a menu was active.
Fix: Sprites could not be selected.
2018.01.04Rework image renderer - among other things this should fix a few graphical glitches pure sprites are in the brush, and removes the limitation of 8 windows per map. Please report any remaining graphical glitches.
Align expand / collapse buttons for the sidepanels.
2017.12.15Fixed a crash when loading custom star.spk files with multiple empty layers.
Slightly improved star.spk rendering.
2017.12.10Added EUD action support to text trigedit parser.
Enable keyboard shortcuts when the main window has focus.
Changes to the internal startup order.
2017.12.09Rework error / warning / info logger. Now all new error and warning messages are directed to the log panel at the bottom of the screen in addition to the console based logger.
Modify shortcut handling for the main window - shortcuts work if the map window, overlay panel, symmetry panel, or map object tree is active.
Added tab based naviagation to the main window.
2017.12.05Fix: Resetting a specific upgrade's settings reset all upgrade settings.
Changed splash screen - layout is slightly simpler, and splashscreen now does not close until the profile is configured correctly.
Internal changed to setting and game data management.
2017.11.30Fix: Crash introduced in additional error checking in build 2017.11.27.
2017.11.29Fix: Freeze when editing unit X/Y positions.
Enable tab based navigation in the palette windows.
2017.11.27Fix: when the minimum required format of a map switched from Broodwar / StarCraft 1.05 to StarCraft 1.00, an error occured while saving locations.
Added an EUD action to classic trigedit.
2017.10.24Fix: when clearing a renamed switch the switch was not being set back to use default internally.
Add preview of damage animations to buildings contained within the the current brush.
2017.10.21Add preview of damage animations (i.e. flame / blood overlays on buildings).
2017.10.16Fix: Changed rounding in terrain mirrored-symmetry modes to improve placement.
2017.10.03Fix: Saving a broodwar (.scx) map could save bad version info.
Fix: Resizing a non-square map incorrectly resized the terrain.
Fog of War preview now is more accurate on ramps.
2017.09.04Note: Replaces 2017.09.03 build with a fix for a freeze.
Minor Feature: Use Shift or ctrl + arrow keys to offset the selected sprites.
Minor Feature: Use Shift or ctrl + arrow keys to offset the selected location.
Added 600% and 800% zoom levels.
2017.09.02Fix: 'Modify hanger count' trigger action.
Fix: Snap to grid swapped X and Y for non symmetrical grid.
2017.08.30Fix: Parsing \< and \> sequences.
2017.08.29Fix: Sprite properties window failed to open.
Fix: infinite loop when removing doodads during tileset change.
New: Location properties may be opened via double click on the map object tree. (And also capture enter in the tree control).
Improve decryption key guessing during MPQ Optimize.
2017.08.27Fix: Rearranging the rebar control didn't always toggle a layout update.
Instead of closing when the selected profile is mis-configured, ask for the starcraft path explicitly.
Internal updates to the backup database.
2017.08.23Fix: Placing brush contents which contained both terrain and non-terrain objects only placed terrain.
Prevented saving of maps which exceed the string text limit.
2017.08.22(B)Fix: Rendering triggers with empty comments attempted to display more text than fit in allocated space.
Fix: A few minor user-defined brush palette issues.
Fix: Occasionally read too much data when parsing string color codes.
Fix: Keyboard shortcuts were being intercepted in non-modal subwindows.
Updated auto-update functionality to have working fallback code if ScmDraft did not have write access to the working directory.
2017.08.12Fix: Map revealers weren't being created hidden when loading a map.
Remove setup-like functionality from the advanced menu, due to UAC restrictions. File associations are now done by the optional setup.
2017.08.11Fix: Upgrading a map from starcraft to broodwar was not remembered, triggering save as on every save.
Fix a crash when trying to display hitpoints of hidden units.
Avoid an error message during debug logging of load of maps with unicode chars.
2017.08.10Modify MPQ code to support unicode paths. (e.g. korean map filenames).
2017.08.09Add sub-categories to the user-defined brush palette.
Fix a few minor graphical glitches.
Fix a potential crash during close.
2017.08.07Add support for *.ogg sound files, and minor sound code cleanup.
2017.08.06Brush palette now uses currently active terrain overlay settings.
All sub-windows now open centered on the main window.
Fix redo command instead triggering undo.
Fix fog of war preview settings not refreshing the screen.
Fix occasional missing updates of creep tiles after terrain was changed.
Fix snap to grid for location resizing.
Saving a user-defined brush collection now updates the file name.
Cleanup of map data save + load code.
Cleanup of screen invalidation events.
2017.07.30Fix a few remaining DPI scaling issues.
Various internal changes
2017.07.29Implement a fix for classic trigedit under WINE.
Enable Hi-DPI scaling after updating last incompatible UI elements. Known issues: Some toolbar dropdowns are offset by a few pixels. The 'Save Map Image' icon is not being enlarged. Please report any other windows or items which are not scaling correctly when using DPI scaling.
2017.07.28Add additional debug logging to classic trigedit.
2017.07.27Fix a potential crash in the faster masking code added in previous release.
Add additional verbose error messages when unable to locate the game data.
Add additional debug logging to classic trigedit.
2017.07.24(b)Replaces initial 2017.07.24 release!
Fix a crash when unloading a brush collection.
Prevent placing the brush contents multiple times on the same tile when moving the mouse during click.
2017.07.23Doodad Palette; Unit Palette; Sprite Palette; User-defined Brush Palette: Update windows to use a grouped listview instead of a listbox. Items are now inserted in collapsible groups. Item preview size may also be changed using the context menu.
Sprite Palette: Rework filtering functionality - Now whenever a group of sprites is displayed, all subgroups of the selected group are also displayed.
User-defined brush palette: Add support for deleting and renaming brushes.
Core Engine: Add support for *.vr4ex mod files.
2017.07.21User-defined brush palette: Improve rendering, preperations for renaming and deleting brushes.
2017.07.19Fix: Classic Trigedit: Infinite loop when attempting to duplicate the 64th action when all actions are used.
Brush palette now supports unloading files, and renders sprites and units as well. Still not complete !
2017.07.18Fix: Classic Trigedit: Unable to set resource amount in set unit resource amount action.
Fix: Undoing convert doodad to terrain didn't revert terrain tiles correctly.
New implementation of the brush collection manager and the user-defined brush palette. Very preliminary and incomplete !!!
2017.07.12Improve classic trigedit window resizing logic.
Avoid an error when saving an edited string if the filters do not include it.
2017.07.11Potential fix for trigeditplus and empty strings.
Located and destroyed string corruption bug when deleting all triggers using text trigedit and subsequently compiling multiple times.
2017.07.09Terrain palette now displays currently selected active tile and microtile overlays.
2017.07.04Fix missing pathfinder update when changing 1x1 sized terrain blocks.
2017.07.03Fix delayed minimap update on unit placement.
Fix a bug with exporting and importing custom brush files.
2017.07.02Add high-level pathfinding preview. (Map region segmentation)
Add option to debug menu to open the debuf console output.
Fix terrain object brush leaving clutter on screen.
2017.06.29Fix classic trigedit sometimes switching trigger and briefing mode introduced last build.
Internal arbitrary selection brush rendering changes.
2017.06.26Fix doodad cursor offset error.
Fix select 0x0 tile size render hang.
Experimental change for older richedit versions for classic trigedit.
2017.06.24Rework cursor display for all internal editor states.
2017.06.23Fix powered protoss building display.
Add double click on unit sprites to toggle active state.
Continue reworking internal editor state state machine.
2017.06.18Move and expand terrain symmetry options; These may now be found in the left panel below the overlay settings.
Fix an issue with determining sound file lengths for the transmission trigger action.
Add batch sound import function to the map sound manager.
2017.06.13Add option to make unit range display player specific.
Add first version of unit vision range and detection range display.
Fix arrow keys not scrolling the map.
2017.06.11Implemented unit attack range shading.
Fix upgrade player-specific checkboxes storing inverted values.
Rework custom grid dialog slightly to support DPI scaling.
2017.06.10Added rotational terrain symmetry options.
Fix missing scrollbar update after changing the zoom level.
Optimize performance of terrain placing slightly.
2017.06.08Fix delayed creep update during unit editing.
Fix delayed fog of war update during terrain editing.
Update minimap rendering to match in-game minimap.
2017.06.07Implemented pure sprite palette.
Extended unit palette to toggle between units and unit sprites.
Added a primitive and incomplete unit range indicator.
Overhaul sprite, terrain, initial fog of war code.
Fix a few issues that arose during unit code overhaul.
2017.05.29Completely overhauled all unit related code. (Loading / saving units. Placing units. Unit undo / redo. Selected unit set management. Map unit properties window. Now all unit changes done in the properties window should be un and redoable.
2017.05.21Add option for transparent creep rendering.
Remove overlay options from the menus which are now in the overlay panels.
Optimized (or maybe broke) doodad handling.
Improve tileset palette resizing. Now allows 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 zoom etc.
Fix resizing palettes by gripping the left edge
2017.05.17Minor adjustment in fog of war preview calculation.
Avoid resetting active layer on map switch.
2017.05.16(B)Potential fix for rare crash on map close.
Improve (but not perfect) minimap unit rendering.
Add +/- hotkey support (change brush size) in the fog of war layer.
2017.05.15Initial publicly available 0.9.0 build.

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