First Scmdraft 0.9.0 release
 Posted: 13-08-2017 02:44:10
I am releasing the next ScmDraft 2 build, version 0.9.0. This version is available both as an installer and as a ZIP file. Additionally, the newest (roughly weekly) builds are available here.

This contains many many changes compared to the previous 0.8.0 and 0.8.1 versions. While the full set of changes is too large to list, here is an overview of the major features:

  • Vastly expanded visual overlay abilities. (Terrain properties, unit ranges, transparent creep among others)

  • New unit, unit sprite, pure sprite palette windows.

  • Completely redone doodad, user-defined brush, and terrain palettes

  • Completely redone map properties window, including string filtering.

  • Overhaul of the entire UI to support HiDPI / font scaling, nicer looking controls, better resizing, etc.

  • Expanded terrain symmetry options, to support rotational symmetry with various parameters.

  • Added support for the vorbis OGG sound file format in triggers.

  • Preview of the in-game pathfinder regions

  • Lots and lots of performance improvements and bug fixes

  • Much nicer code, and cleaner error handling

  • Enhanced logging, available via -console command line or in the debug menu.

Please note: Due to the enhanced security model present in windows vista and newer, the auto-update mechanism may not be able to download and update automatically.


Preview of Scmdraft 0.9.0
 Posted: 3-07-2017 00:19:39
It is now possible to preview the pseudo weekly builds of a new Scmdraft 2 version. These builds contains the changes I have spent the last 9 months or so working on, related to both improving the feature-set, stability, and the performance of Scmdraft 2. Most of the work involved rewriting a substantial amount of the codebase which had grown over 8 years, fixing buffer overflows, adding better error handling, in order to streamline adding fancy new features.

Note: This is still a work in progress and may contain newly introduced bugs. Please report anything that does not work as it should.

Some of the new features include reworked and newly added palette windows, substantially extended overlay options, improvements to the fog of war and creep previews, etc.

The full list of downloads and a more complete list of changes may be found here.


Starcraft II Beta start, and newest scmdraft version
 Posted: 18-02-2010 02:13:52
Although I had hoped to make a final official release before Starcraft II came out, it will not happen before the start of the beta, which is today.

However, for those interested in the latest scmdraft II build, it is available here. This link is updated roughly every week with the newest build. Minor warning, it may introduce new bugs.


Update to Scmdraft 0.8.0 online
 Posted: 13-10-2008 01:25:03

I have uploaded a newer version of Scmdraft 0.8.0 to the following temporary URL: 2
This download has an updated text trigedit as well as main scmdraft application, with a few minor bugfixes. If no major issues are discovered the normal download link will also be updated with this version.


DatEdit updated to 1.5d
 Posted: 10-06-2008 14:38:21
Broodkiller has just given me an updated version of his program, DatEdit.

##########DATEDIT V1.5d update##########

Fixed/Changed in DatEdit 1.5d:
-Fixed several interface inconsistences
-Fixed some path-related config file issues -Fixed some minor text glitches and labels

New in DatEdit 1.5d:
-Clipboard support
This update to DatEdit introduces support for clipboard-based copy'n'paste feature, which allows now to copy'n'paste entries between two (or more) DatEdit instances.


Firegraft updated for 1.15.1
 Posted: 17-12-2007 00:38:19
DiscipleOfAdun has sent me an updated version of Firegraft which is compatible with both 1.15 and the newest starcraft patch, 1.15.1. This update also addresses numerous bugfixes, the full changelist is available here.


DatEdit 1.5 released
 Posted: 11-11-2007 12:51:47
BroodKiller has just given me the next version of his starcraft datafile editing tool, DatEdit. This version adds numerous new features while also updating the file definitions. As usual you can also download the source.
Download DatEdit here.
Download DatEdit's sourcecode here.
View the change history here


Firegraft 0.91 Release
 Posted: 31-07-2007 20:12:24
Firegraft is HERE! After over 2 years, I have completed a stable and suitable release version. For those of you who don't know, Firegraft is a modding program that is a successor for both Stargraft and Memgraft. It allows for editing of certain memory aspects such as the button sets and the tech tree. However, that's not the limit of what Firegraft can edit. In a controlled way, Firegraft allows modifications of many previously untouchable aspects of Starcraft. With things like the number of spidermines to the amount of time a unit is in stasis, from the ability to set multiple peons constructing a building to reversing the effect of recall, Firegraft allows for greater freedom in creating modifications.

Some of the features in this version:

  • Current support for version 1.15, meaning modifications can be played on

  • A 'smart' button preview which updates based on the currently editing button.

  • PAT Importing. Old Stargraft patches can be directly opened for editing.

  • Requirements are done radically different. No more track bars. Now you can see exactly what it is in just a glance.

  • Button sets automatically rearange and count themselves, removing the two most common grafting problems.

  • Over 230 different editable values from the executable.

and many others.

Download it here

Feel free to leave feedback, report bugs, and share creations in the firegraft forums.

Update: The download has been updated to version to fix a few minor bugs, see the changelog here.


Stormcoast Fortress Starcraft Map Database beta launches
 Posted: 19-07-2007 01:32:36
A much delayed site feature, the Starcraft Map Database has now been officially opened to the public as a beta. While upload and download are fully functioning, not all protection methods are corrently being parsed correctly, therefor do not worry if your map fails to correctly generate minirature images, we need a wide sampling of maps in order to be able to load every one.

Currently the database generates an ingame minimap, as well as a full map image with a maximum size of 2048x2048 (fullsize for 64 x 64 maps, halfsize for 128x128, quarter for 256). Also some basic map stats are displayed as well as the title and description. In the future more stats or map catagories may be added, and the rating system will be fully functional, as well as a starcraft map database searchpage. An example for a fully parsed map can be found here.


Scmdraft 0.8.0 released
 Posted: 18-05-2007 20:42:00
The next version of scmdraft has now been released, download it here. This version contains a few new features, such as isometrical mirroring, and a few changes in the way animations are handled.

    Release 0.8.0
  • Added isometrical terrain mirroring.

  • Added observer trigger option when creating a new map.

  • Added possibility to directly edit location coordinates

  • Fixed default installation map triggers.

  • FIxed a minor difference in the way trigedit and classic trigedit count string usage.

  • Updated iscript code to run several more opcodes as well as now correctly preview units with subunits.

  • Updated Unit stats editor to link subunits with their parents.

  • Fixed an issue with windows vista which caused a freeze while resizing windows.

  • Many other minor improvements.

Update: If you experience issues with editing units damage, please redownload.


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