Scmdraft updated to 0.9.10 - Extended Color Support
 Posted: 27-09-2019 00:30:43
The ScmDraft 2 download has been updated to version 0.9.10. This version adds support for the extended player color options added in SC:R patch 1.23.1. This also includes the hotfixes to 0.9.09 which were necessated by changes to the data files in a 1.23 hotfix. This option does not include support for the extended string tables, support for those should hopefully hit the alpha site within the next week or two (day job time constraints permitting, fall is the busiest time of the year).

The new color options include

  • Additional pre-defined colors

  • Option to enable the player to select the color in the lobby

  • Force player to be assigned a random color from the pool of colors

  • Define player's color via RGB code.

This version is available both as an installer and as a ZIP file.

Pre-release builds of the next version, 0.9.11, will be made available here.

I would like to thank everybody who helped support hosting / development, and especially those who took the time to test the alphas and report bugs.


Scmdraft updated to 0.9.09 - SC:R 1.23 support and more
 Posted: 23-07-2019 01:45:01
The ScmDraft 2 download has been updated to 0.9.09. This version adds support for SC:R patch 1.23 and newer. Older versions of ScmDraft will not work with 1.23.

I would like to thank everybody who helped support hosting / development, and especially those who took the time to test the alphas and report bugs.

Besides the 1.23 support, further changes include but are not limited to:

  • Added multi-select to the tileset indexed terrain palette
  • Added better visual feedback of the subtile terrain editing mode. (This mode allows the user to selectively update tile variants)

  • Added text trigger editing to classic trigedit, using a completely new text trigger decompiler / compiler
  • Upgraded the text trigedit plugin to use the new decompiler / compiler. The UI has not yet been updated
  • Added EUDx support. These are EUD triggers with an arbitrary bitmask restricting the bytes that are affected
  • Added tooltips to the trigger display in classic trigedit which display the full trigger, ignoring comments.

  • Complete redesign on the profile settings windows - this should hopefully make configuration simpler when the starcraft installation was not auto-detected

This version is available both as an installer and as a ZIP file.

Pre-release builds of the next version, 0.9.10, will be made available here.

Additionally, a screenshot gallery has been added showcasing the various editing modes available in the editor.


최신 스타크래프트 패치가 게임 데이터 저장 방법을 바꾸었습니다.

이 버젼과 함께 ScmDraft를 사용하려면 업데이트가 필요하며, 이전 버젼은 로드되지 않고 "Find Starcraft Dir" 루프에 고정됩니다.

스타크래프트 경로가 자동 검색되지 않은 경우 위와 같이 설정을 구성하십시오. Image

※ 프로필 설정 참고 : 문제가 발생했다면 자동 감지된 경로가 아마 비어있거나, 보이지 않을 겁니다.

사용자 정의 경로 옵션을 설정하고 스타크래프트가 설치된 경로를 입력하십시오.
이것은 내 문서에 있지 않고 일반적인 경우는 "C:Program files (x86)StarCraft"에 있을 겁니다.
폴더 안에는 "data", "x86" 및 "x86_64" 파일이 포함되어야 합니다. 프로필 설정에서 스타크래프트 버전을 1.23으로 설정하거나 자동 감지하도록 하십시오.


ScmDraft support for SC:R 1.23 patch
 Posted: 11-07-2019 10:10:10
The latest starcraft patch has changed the way the game data is stored. In order to use ScmDraft with this version, an update is required, the older versions will not load, instead they are stuck in a "Find Starcraft Dir" loop.

The new version will be fully released in the next couple of days. Before that time, use the july 9th (or newer) version from the alpha release page here. This may be unzipped to replace an existing install, or for use as a portable version from any folder.

If the starcraft path is not autodetected, configure the settings as follows: Example profile settings. Note: The autodetected path may be empty or display not found.
Set the custom path option and enter the path where you have starcraft installed. This is not the starcraft directory under my documents, most common case is "C:program files (x86)StarCraft". It should include a "data", "x86", and "x86_64" folder among other files. Make sure to set the starcraft version to 1.23 or to autodetect in the profile settings. If your settings dialog looks like this: (example settings, then you are still using an older incompatible version.

If you get an error message **"Unable to access the CASC data!"**, then the configuration is correct but the install is corrupt. You will need to scan/verify your installation using the bnet app.


Scmdraft updated to 0.9.08
 Posted: 23-04-2019 23:46:29
The ScmDraft 2 download has been updated to 0.9.08. This version converts the entire editor to use unicode text internally. However user entered text is still converted using the current system locale.

I would like to thank everybody who helped support hosting / develpment, as well as those who took the time to test the alphas and report bugs.

The new editor features included in this release are:

  • Added the ability to cut / copy / paste the active location in the location layer.
  • Added the ability to cut / copy / paste initial fog of war in the fog of war and cut/copy/paste layers. Use shift when copying in the fog of war layer to copy the current unique setting per player instead of only the current player's fog of war, and control when placing in the fog of war layer to place the current brush contents for all players.

  • Added the ability to display the town locations / resource areas used by AIs when determining where to build. (Mainly used for modding, but also useful to see where an AI may expand to)
  • Added support for mods which extend the player color tables
  • .
  • Added support for mods which add a parallax background to non-space tilesets.

  • Added toggles to switch between displaying / cloaking / hiding unit, doodad, and sprite graphics.
  • Added an option to allow placing units within the building placement boxes, but not intersecting the pathing collision boxes (stacking).
  • Added the ability to resize the classic trigedit 'edit trigger' window.
  • The Map image export now supports more overlay options.
  • The terrain palette now opens when switching to tileset indexed mode.
  • Improved auto-determination of the starcraft installation directory.
  • Internal improvements required to prepare for future features.

As well as bugfixes including but not limited to:
  • Fix location issues during map resizing.
  • Fix minimap display update on map load.
  • Fix crash when trying to play sounds without a soundcard installed.
  • Fix occasional missing unit damage overlays.
  • Require broodwar format maps when custom player colors are used.
  • etc ...

This version is available both as an installer and as a ZIP file.

Pre-release builds of the next version, 0.9.09, will be made available here.

Update: This list of post-release fixes will be continiously updated

  • Fix (26 / 04 / 2019): When adding multiple 'Create Unit With Properties' actions to the same trigger the properties were always synced.


Announcing new ScmDraft 2 DLC options
 Posted: 1-04-2019 10:00:00
The next release of ScmDraft 2 is almost ready. In addition to the features that may be previewed on the alpha site, such as fog of war cut/copy/paste and AI resource area previews, various DLCs options will be available with this release.

The base editor will continue to include the ability to load and edit maps, as usual.

The silver DLC will activate the ability to save changes done to the map.

The gold DLC is the same as the silver DLC, but without the monthly subscription requirement.

The platinum DLC will not only enable saving maps, it will also support opening protected maps.

More details are available here.


Scmdraft updated to 0.9.07 - New Ramps !
 Posted: 25-07-2018 00:32:18
The ScmDraft 2 download has been updated to 0.9.07. This adds support for StarCraft: Remastered specific ramp doodads and the corresponding map format. The doodad palette was also updates to display the current active custom tile overlays, if custom overlays are enabled.

View Fullsized

A map with the new ramps, and the doodad palette with overlays enabled.

When launching a profile that is configured to use a 1.22 or newer install, ScmDraft should automatically detect the presence of the new datafiles and offer to modify the active profile. Otherwise the patch_ed.mpq file must be manually added as a fourth data MPQ.

This version is available both as an installer and as a ZIP file.

Pre-release builds will be made available here. The next major feature will be a unicode build, to improve support for localized map strings.

I would like to thank everybody who took the time to report bugs. Please continue reporting bugs.


Scmdraft updated to 0.9.0506
 Posted: 16-05-2018 23:57:24
The ScmDraft 2 download has been updated to 0.9.0506. This release adds the ability to offset the map contents. This also adds undo and redo support for resizing, offsetting, and tileset morphing. Lastly, a few reported bugs were fixed and a potential crash issue was identified and eliminated.

This version is available both as an installer and as a ZIP file.

Please continue reporting bugs and requesting new features to be added.

As always, pre-release builds will be made available here.

Note: A hotfix version 0.9.06 was uploaded to address a bug in 0.9.05.


Scmdraft updated to 0.9.04
 Posted: 19-03-2018 01:45:20
The ScmDraft 2 download has been updated to 0.9.04. This address a reported potential crash when placing terrain in the bottom right of the map.

This version is available both as an installer and as a ZIP file.

Please continue reporting bugs and requesting features.

As always, pre-release builds will be made available here.


Scmdraft updated to 0.9.03
 Posted: 12-03-2018 00:31:38
The ScmDraft 2 download has been updated to 0.9.03. This update includes an overhaul of the classic trigger editor, with parameter caching and newly added support for EUD conditions and actions. EUD support in the text trigger editor has also been improved. It also includes internal overhaul of the animation subsystem, which removes the limitation of 8 map viewports per map and fixes a few minor graphical glitches when placing door sprites. This also fixes a few minor bugs, adds briefing color code preview, and improves terrain placement performance when placing huge amounts of terrain at once.

This version is available both as an installer and as a ZIP file.

Please continue reporting bugs and requesting features.

As always, the newest builds are available here.


Scmdraft updated to 0.9.02
 Posted: 26-10-2017 23:13:09
The ScmDraft 2 download has been updated to 0.9.02. This update fixes a handful of reported bugs, and adds a graphical building damage preview as well as a few other minor changes. This version is available both as an installer and as a ZIP file.

Currently my day job is keeping me quite busy, I hope to have time to add additional larger features starting in mid November. Please continue reporting bugs and requesting features.

As always, the newest builds are available here.


Scmdraft updated to 0.9.01
 Posted: 27-08-2017 21:23:07
The ScmDraft 2 download has been updated to 0.9.01. This update fixes two reported bugs, and modifies the auto-update and backup database mechanisms to work when ScmDraft is run from directories where it does not have write permission. This version is available both as an installer and as a ZIP file.

As always, the newest (roughly weekly) builds are available here.

Poiuy_qwert has provided a step by step guide on how to run ScmDraft on a mac, view it here.


First Scmdraft 0.9.0 release
 Posted: 13-08-2017 02:44:10
I am releasing the next ScmDraft 2 build, version 0.9.0. This version is available both as an installer and as a ZIP file. Additionally, the newest (roughly weekly) builds are available here.

This contains many many changes compared to the previous 0.8.0 and 0.8.1 versions. While the full set of changes is too large to list, here is an overview of the major features:

  • Vastly expanded visual overlay abilities. (Terrain properties, unit ranges, transparent creep among others)

  • New unit, unit sprite, pure sprite palette windows.

  • Completely redone doodad, user-defined brush, and terrain palettes

  • Completely redone map properties window, including string filtering.

  • Overhaul of the entire UI to support HiDPI / font scaling, nicer looking controls, better resizing, etc.

  • Expanded terrain symmetry options, to support rotational symmetry with various parameters.

  • Added support for the vorbis OGG sound file format in triggers.

  • Preview of the in-game pathfinder regions

  • Lots and lots of performance improvements and bug fixes

  • Much nicer code, and cleaner error handling

  • Enhanced logging, available via -console command line or in the debug menu.

View Fullsized

ScmDraft 2 with various palettes open, on a 4K display.

To forestall the most common question, does it support SC:R graphics?
- Not at the moment. I would like to add support for those at some point, but adding a second graphics engine is a large undertaking, and this is a project I work on in my free time as my full time job allows. However all of the changes I have done in the past 9 months have been designed to eventually support the new graphics.

Additional screenshots:

View Fullsized

Rotational Terrain Symmetry.

View Fullsized

Pathfinding region preview, and terrain height display.

View Fullsized

Terrain height overlays.

OS Support:
Windows: This should work under windows XP, however I have not personally tried it on anything older than Windows 7.
Mac: Poiuy_qwert has provided a step by step guide on how to run ScmDraft on a mac, view it here.
Linux: Similar to Mac, WINE is required. ScmDraft will run, but some of the windows may occasionally glitch.

If something does not work as expected, let me know so I can fix it. Worse, if it crashes for any reason, save the generated minidump and pass it along so it can be fixed in the next version. I cannot fix bugs unless they are reported.

Please note: Due to the enhanced security model present in windows vista and newer, the auto-update mechanism may not be able to download and update automatically.


Preview of Scmdraft 0.9.0
 Posted: 3-07-2017 00:19:39
It is now possible to preview the pseudo weekly builds of a new Scmdraft 2 version. These builds contains the changes I have spent the last 9 months or so working on, related to both improving the feature-set, stability, and the performance of Scmdraft 2. Most of the work involved rewriting a substantial amount of the codebase which had grown over 8 years, fixing buffer overflows, adding better error handling, in order to streamline adding fancy new features.

Note: This is still a work in progress and may contain newly introduced bugs. Please report anything that does not work as it should.

Some of the new features include reworked and newly added palette windows, substantially extended overlay options, improvements to the fog of war and creep previews, etc.

The full list of downloads and a more complete list of changes may be found here.


Starcraft II Beta start, and newest scmdraft version
 Posted: 18-02-2010 02:13:52
Although I had hoped to make a final official release before Starcraft II came out, it will not happen before the start of the beta, which is today.

However, for those interested in the latest scmdraft II build, it is available here. This link is updated roughly every week with the newest build. Minor warning, it may introduce new bugs.


Update to Scmdraft 0.8.0 online
 Posted: 13-10-2008 01:25:03

I have uploaded a newer version of Scmdraft 0.8.0 to the following temporary URL: 2
This download has an updated text trigedit as well as main scmdraft application, with a few minor bugfixes. If no major issues are discovered the normal download link will also be updated with this version.


DatEdit updated to 1.5d
 Posted: 10-06-2008 14:38:21
Broodkiller has just given me an updated version of his program, DatEdit.

##########DATEDIT V1.5d update##########

Fixed/Changed in DatEdit 1.5d:
-Fixed several interface inconsistences
-Fixed some path-related config file issues -Fixed some minor text glitches and labels

New in DatEdit 1.5d:
-Clipboard support
This update to DatEdit introduces support for clipboard-based copy'n'paste feature, which allows now to copy'n'paste entries between two (or more) DatEdit instances.


Firegraft updated for 1.15.1
 Posted: 17-12-2007 00:38:19
DiscipleOfAdun has sent me an updated version of Firegraft which is compatible with both 1.15 and the newest starcraft patch, 1.15.1. This update also addresses numerous bugfixes, the full changelist is available here.


DatEdit 1.5 released
 Posted: 11-11-2007 12:51:47
BroodKiller has just given me the next version of his starcraft datafile editing tool, DatEdit. This version adds numerous new features while also updating the file definitions. As usual you can also download the source.
Download DatEdit here.
Download DatEdit's sourcecode here.
View the change history here


Firegraft 0.91 Release
 Posted: 31-07-2007 20:12:24
Firegraft is HERE! After over 2 years, I have completed a stable and suitable release version. For those of you who don't know, Firegraft is a modding program that is a successor for both Stargraft and Memgraft. It allows for editing of certain memory aspects such as the button sets and the tech tree. However, that's not the limit of what Firegraft can edit. In a controlled way, Firegraft allows modifications of many previously untouchable aspects of Starcraft. With things like the number of spidermines to the amount of time a unit is in stasis, from the ability to set multiple peons constructing a building to reversing the effect of recall, Firegraft allows for greater freedom in creating modifications.

Some of the features in this version:

  • Current support for version 1.15, meaning modifications can be played on

  • A 'smart' button preview which updates based on the currently editing button.

  • PAT Importing. Old Stargraft patches can be directly opened for editing.

  • Requirements are done radically different. No more track bars. Now you can see exactly what it is in just a glance.

  • Button sets automatically rearange and count themselves, removing the two most common grafting problems.

  • Over 230 different editable values from the executable.

and many others.

Download it here

Feel free to leave feedback, report bugs, and share creations in the firegraft forums.

Update: The download has been updated to version to fix a few minor bugs, see the changelog here.


Stormcoast Fortress Starcraft Map Database beta launches
 Posted: 19-07-2007 01:32:36
A much delayed site feature, the Starcraft Map Database has now been officially opened to the public as a beta. While upload and download are fully functioning, not all protection methods are corrently being parsed correctly, therefor do not worry if your map fails to correctly generate minirature images, we need a wide sampling of maps in order to be able to load every one.

Currently the database generates an ingame minimap, as well as a full map image with a maximum size of 2048x2048 (fullsize for 64 x 64 maps, halfsize for 128x128, quarter for 256). Also some basic map stats are displayed as well as the title and description. In the future more stats or map catagories may be added, and the rating system will be fully functional, as well as a starcraft map database searchpage. An example for a fully parsed map can be found here.


Scmdraft 0.8.0 released
 Posted: 18-05-2007 20:42:00
The next version of scmdraft has now been released, download it here. This version contains a few new features, such as isometrical mirroring, and a few changes in the way animations are handled.

    Release 0.8.0
  • Added isometrical terrain mirroring.

  • Added observer trigger option when creating a new map.

  • Added possibility to directly edit location coordinates

  • Fixed default installation map triggers.

  • FIxed a minor difference in the way trigedit and classic trigedit count string usage.

  • Updated iscript code to run several more opcodes as well as now correctly preview units with subunits.

  • Updated Unit stats editor to link subunits with their parents.

  • Fixed an issue with windows vista which caused a freeze while resizing windows.

  • Many other minor improvements.

Update: If you experience issues with editing units damage, please redownload.


Command overview uploaded
 Posted: 31-12-2006 00:50:33
After delaying this for many months, I have finished the command overview for ScmDraft 2, it is available here.
This overview lists all available keyboard shortcuts / options as well as actions which can be done in each layer.


Scmdraft update (0.7.3)
 Posted: 29-12-2006 02:55:01
Scmdraft 2 has been updated with some bugfixes.
Issues fixed:
Release 0.7.3 (Download)

  • Fixed a bug which caused text trigedit to occasionally shift switch indexii

  • Fixed a bug which could cause maps to crash using installation door doodads

  • Fixed a freeze when attempting to delete doodads with no doodads selected

Please continue to report bugs as they are discovered.

Also, I have added google ads to the site since the hosting does not pay for itself and the donation button hasn't been used. I know some people prefer an ad free web but right now its either ads or no site.


Fixed bugs in scmdraft, update asap
 Posted: 7-12-2006 15:23:03
I have uploaded a newer scmdraft version (0.7.2) which addresses two bugs.
First of all, korean, russian, and other nonenglish text will now display properly in classic trigedit as well as the string editor.
Also, switch names were being corrupted. This has been fixed, please update to prevent any damage to maps.


ScmDraft 0.7.0 Released!
 Posted: 18-11-2006 04:26:25
Seeing as the previous prerelease has been out for a week with very few bug reports, which have all been fixed, I am releasing a stable version of this with a few minor changes and additional features as ScmDraft 2 V0.7.0. This version may be downloaded HERE.

Changes since Prerelease 3:

  • Redid plugin code, updated text trigedit for new plugin interface

  • Implemented wildcard select in terrain and cut/copy/paste mode. Press ctrl or shift + ctrl to select terrain.

  • Enabled display of backup times in the backup database

  • Added several zoom in levels

  • Added dialog for stacking

  • Fixed a crash introduced in prerelease 3 which could occur when deselecting a unit due to multithreading issues

  • Fixed 2 minor crashes in prerelease 3

Minor Changes:(Click to expand)

Changes from V6 prerelease 2 to 3:(Click to expand)

Changes from V5.5 to V6 prerelease 1:(Click to expand)

As always, please report any bugs and crashes you may encounter. If possible include the generated .dmp file.

As for those wondering about future plans, the next thing I want to do is write some documentation, afterwards allow upload and download of custom brush files to Stormcoast Fortress. As for a newer text trigger editor, the possibility is still there but I will not promise anything.


ScmDraft2 0.6.0 Prerelease #3 available!
Accepting final suggestions
 Posted: 11-11-2006 00:49:33
I am releasing the next ScmDraft 2 version to the public for testing. This version will not appear in autoupdate for roughly two weeks, depending on how much feedback I get, and whether any bugs are found.

Also, I am requesting any and all feature requests to be made now. This will most likely be the second to last non bugfix update! They may be posted in the New forums or the Staredit scmdraft forums.

Features that are still planned

  • Return of text trigedit (and improved)

  • Odd shape selection in Copy/Paste mode

Changes in this version

  • Temporarily removed text trigedit

  • Added classic mission briefing editor

  • Added switch renaming dialog

  • Added support for 1.14 text colors

  • Redid the string editor (Including color tag table)

  • Added color tag table to trigger editor

  • Changing player now accepts ("2", "02", "Player 2", "Player 02")

  • Isom brush now changes size every step

  • Colorcode stripping in strings in unit tree and classic trigedit dropdowns

  • Cut / Copy / Paste layer has filters

  • Added brush window

  • Ability to save custom brushes to file and subsequently load

  • Minimap reflects fog of war

  • Fixed minor cosmetic bugs

  • Added a few more display options

  • Ability to select multiply rectangles when copy / pasting terrain (via shift and ctrl)

  • New map creates default melee map triggers

This version may be downloaded HERE.
Please report any bugs, crashes asap, including if possible mapfile which crashed, steps to cause the crash, and crash dump file

Also if you have received the error " This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way." please get in contact with me and send me your backupDB.scmdDB file so this may be fixed.

Current reported bug list (Click to expand)


Minor update, new forum, preview of new scmdraft
 Posted: 27-10-2006 18:39:26
After a longer break, I have started working on scmdraft 2 once more. This may or may not be the final release, depending on how much I get done and how well it works. This version will add the last incomplete features that I have had planned for scmdraft as well as support for starcraft 1.14 colors.

I have also setup a forum as the old forum host has been done quite often recently, the old forum can also still be used.
Login with the main site's login details

As an incentive to use the new forums, a new version of Scmdraft 2 can be downloaded here. This includes a classic mission briefing editor (Staredit like). I will also post all changes made since prerelease 2 here.

Custom brushes in action:



Server move
 Posted: 6-01-2006 19:16:02
This is just to let you know, if you are seeing this your DNS server has been updated with the new IP, and that the site move is complete.
If you created or activated an account withen the last 3 days you may need to reactivate it or recreate it.


SCMDraft:mac Alpha Signup started + Happy New Year
 Posted: 31-12-2005 23:04:21
The first SCMDraft:mac Alpha will be released soon.
This will be a private release, you can sign up for it by sending an email to
Please include information about your mac (hardware specs, OSX version, ...) as well as contact information (ICQ, MSN or AIM).

Also, I am searching for someone to write a manual/helpfile for SCMD:mac, if anyone wishes to help please send an email to the address above.

Nothing left to say ... except: I wish you all the best for 2006, happy new year everyone!


New releases with bugfixes
 Posted: 26-09-2005 18:18:52
Scmdraft 0.6.0 prerelease 2 is up for download, this version addresses all reported bugs, as well as containing classic trigedit. The next release will see new features being enabled, this release has no major features added besides the alternative trigger editor.

Also, Classic Trigedit has been updated to fix 2 minor bugs, and a german language version is also available to download, thanks to the work of General Mengsk.

If anyone wishes to translate Classic Trigedit to another language, send me an email with details and I will provide the language specific files.


Public Beta of Classic Trigedit
 Posted: 21-09-2005 16:37:28
A staredit like trigger editor has been made for scmdraft, for those who didn't want to use the completely text based triggers that were available until now.

(Click to enlarge, 22KB)

Download it here (56KB).

To use this plugin, unzip into the plugins folder of Scmdraft 2, it should be compatible with both Scmdraft 2 v 0.5.5 and v 0.6.0 prerelease.


Scmdraft 0.6.0 Prerelease #1
 Posted: 23-08-2005 17:58:38
The first prerelease of Scmdraft 0.6.0 is available for download on the beta site, while this release mainly fixes the bugs that were reported for 0.5.5 it also includes a few new features. The direct link will allow you to download without logging in.

Changes from 0.5.5:

  • Bugs

  • Minimap now updates when undoing / redoing unit owner changes and unit movement.

  • Doodads occasionaly were being set as active without this being possible. (-> staredit/SCXE crash)

  • Removed read only checkbox when opening maps (wasn't supposed to be there)

  • Upgrade limit now properly set to 1 for upgrades with only 1 level.

  • Brush unit updates player color (Goliath and tank turrets weren't changing)

  • Sprite flags now can be unset

  • Some shortcuts weren't always registering, now all work.

  • Was allowing maps with more than 64 locations to be saved as Vanilla maps, fixed.

  • Bug causing dropdown of save dialog to not properly be filtered fixed

  • Also fixed bug with SCM / SCX maps

  • Features

  • Copy / Cut / Paste units

  • Copy / Cut / Paste doodads

  • Copy / Cut / Paste sprites

  • Copy / Cut / Paste terrain

  • Multilayer Copy / Cut / Paste

  • Ctrl click to select current terrain type (Also jumps to selected tile in tileset indexed mode)

  • Display of areas where minerals / start locations are not allowed

  • Mineral type randomizer

  • Added second grid layer

  • Added grid to tileset indexed window

As always, please report all bugs you encounter.


Preview of the next Scmdraft release
 Posted: 8-08-2005 21:27:32
Two months after the release of Scmdraft 2 v0.5.5, and over 12000 downloads, it is time to show some of the progress on the next version, as well as another round of screenshots of the mac version. The current version has all known bugs in 0.5.5 fixed, as well as copy and paste working for the units layer, as seen below:

(570KB) Copying a bunker formation)

(619KB) Copying an entire base

If everything goes according to plan, the first prerelease will be on the beta site in the next 3 weeks, here are some other features planned:

  • Copy paste doodads, sprites, terrain, locations, or all of these simultaneously

  • Multiple location selection / movement

  • Selective paste display

  • Brushes for units/doodads/sprites/terrain/locations

The mac port is coming along slowly, here you can see the floating tree toolbox, which was recently completed.



Also, I havn't decided yet whether to allow multiple doodad / terrain palettes, feel free to discuss which you would prefer in the comments. I am also working on a Scmdraft FAQ, to explain common errors or basic tasks such as subtile terrain, feel free to suggest things to add to this as well.


Scmdraft 0.5.5 released!
 Posted: 29-05-2005 18:42:55
After months of work and testing, Stormcoast Fortress is finally releasing Scmdraft 2 v 0.5.5 to the public. This is a major milestone in the evolution of scmdraft, with over 90% of all planned features being implemented and the requirements continuing to sink. The bug and suggestion lists will remain open for the next version, also the mac suggestion list has been opened to all registered users.

Major changes from 0.4.5:

  • Ability to open multiple maps simultaneously

  • Ability to open multiple windows of the same map

  • Ability to preview units viewrange (Actual fog of war)

  • Ability to zoom out

  • Completely redesigned terrain palette, easier to use and improved scroll speed

  • More liberty with brush sizes

  • The unit tree now includes doodads, sprites, as well as terrain

  • All sounds are now played using directsound, the wav dialog will no longer lock up.

  • A basic text trigger editor is now included

  • Added profiles for settings

  • Recoded main engine to be multithreaded to increase performance.

  • Various modes now work faster

  • Added advanced dirty rect code to increase performace

  • Enabled debug menu for those interested

  • Changed how grids may be set

  • New doodad window

  • More unit animations

  • Backups and autosaves are now stored in a database accessable from the advanced menu

  • Added numerous new options.

  • Improved recovery of damaged maps

  • Added usage table to string editor

  • Editing terrain now only removes illegally placed units in the vincinity of the edited terrain.

  • Added ability to change map tileset

Download it as zip(981 KB) or rar(838 KB).

Here are a few of the planned features for the next major release, 0.6.0

  • Custom Brushes (Terrain, doodads, units, sprites)

  • Copy and paste (Terrain, doodads, units, sprites)

  • Implementation of many of the suggestions

Also, Darkwizzard has been working on porting Scmdraft to mac, here are three screenshots showcasing his progress (click to enlarge)

(532 KB)

(537 KB)

(785 KB)


New layout unveiled
 Posted: 26-05-2005 01:36:14
As you can see, Stormcoast Fortress now has a completely new layout after utilizing the same one for the previous three years. While the final changes are being made you may encounter 404 errors or badly formatted content, we are working on polishing the last areas. Also please take note that most of the links have changed and bookmarks must be updated. Also we have added a comment function to the downloads. Feel free to post comments and suggestions.

We are also now accepting paypal donations to help pay for the hosting and general funding, these will allow us to spend more time working on programs.


Scmdraft prerelease #9
 Posted: 19-05-2005 00:27:47
Prerelease #9 is now available on the scmdraft beta site. This should address the last remaining known bugs.


  • Fixed a bug resetting mineral field amounts.

  • Hallucinated units now receive appropriate deaths

  • A few sprites still had graphical glitches, these was fixed.

  • Correct 2 naming issues in the sprite tree (Maelstrom hit, statis hit)

  • Save code redone for mac port

  • Fixed a bug where 0 width or height locations would not update the screen properly.

  • Added option to disable air unit stacking

  • Fixed labeling of sound compression levels


Scmdraft Prerelease #8
 Posted: 28-04-2005 00:50:34
Update: Download has been updated to fix the walking units animation glitch

After several delays, prerelease #8 is now available on the scmdraft beta site. This version mainly has minor bug fixes as well as a update to trigedit to fix minor syntax errors.

  • Fixed delayed player color updating when editing map settings.

  • Fixed bug preventing option maximize on startup to be used.

  • Reenabled placement of 0x0 locations

  • Added option to confine location name text to location box

  • Location text is now being removed when deleting a location that had text outside the box

  • Stopped locations from being able to be placed outside the screen on maps which were smaller than the screen size.

  • Fixed a bug which had some animatiuons not show the proper frame (notably installation traps)

  • Fixed bug which removed all illegally placed units on doodads when placing illegal units was disabled and editing terrain

  • Allowed start location to be placed ontop of units

  • Fixed palette window corruption after closing all open windows

  • Fixed a crash with non snapped locations (Introduced in prerelease #7)

  • Other minor fixes


New site features
 Posted: 7-04-2005 20:10:13
I have combined the Scmdraft beta site accounts with an user system for the main site, you can now register here and will be able to post news comments, post bug reports, etc. Expect more features over the coming weeks as I finalize the code.


Scmdraft Prerelease #7 up for grabs
 Posted: 6-04-2005 05:15:56
I have added Prerelease #7 to the scmdraft beta site. This release includes a few new features, as well as containing an updated dbghelp.dll so if it crashes you can send the crash dump, this way it can be analized and fixed.


  • Reimplemented code to remove illegally placed units when editing terrain, now only removes units in the vincinity of the brush.

  • Added an extra window for map resizing.

  • Ability to change map tileset in Scenario Size window (See above).

  • Ability to resize tileset palette window's width (to disable zoom)

  • Added ability to change doodads into terrain/sprites.

  • Added options to remove illegally placed units on map load.

  • Added option to disable doodad restoration on map load.

  • Added color palette to grid window.

  • Location resizing and moving now have cursors reenabled.

  • String editor displays string usage.

  • Unit settings editor shows second unit hitpointbox (LOW order byte).

  • Changed when map type box pops up for saver / save as.

  • Fixed a problem with hitpoint bar smearing while moving units with shift - arrow keys.

  • Fixed last _known_ graphic corruption issues.

  • Fixed an issue with building frame sizes.

  • Added options for autosave / backup creation.

Note this will most likely be the final prerelease before the final release and work on 0.6.0 is started, so make sure you report all bugs and add all suggestions before its too late.

Also if you get an error about a missing GameArchives.dll please redownload, a debug setting was accidently left enabled.


Memgraft 1.12 released!!
 Posted: 1-04-2005 16:11:57
Stormcoast Fortress is proud to announce the release of an updated Memgraft version with support for Starcraft 1.12B.
Darkwizzard has offially retired from this project however he allowed me to update it, please do not ask him for support. He has however informed me that he is working on a mac plugin for Memgraft together with BahamutZero which will be released with a mac version of MPQDraft later.

Download Memgraft 1.12 (PC) here
You may report bugs here, however there are currently no set plans to fix reported bugs. You will need a Stormcoast Fortress user account in order to report bugs, this can be created on the Scmdraft beta test site.


Newest scmdraft feature unveiled.
 Posted: 1-04-2005 07:45:50
After the beta site has proven to be a good asset in the continuous fight against bugs creeping into the scmdraft sourcebase, it is finally time to unveil the newest feature.

425 kb

Yes, you will soon be able to load warcraft II BNE maps and edit these in scmdraft 2, thanks to the similarities between war2 and SC graphics formats.


Scmdraft 2 Prelease #6 with new features enabled
 Posted: 28-03-2005 17:58:13
The scmdraft beta site now has been updated with one of the last prereleases, this version has several new features enabled that were previously only available to the internal testers, namely

-Ability to open up multiple maps
-Ability to open multiple viewports for the same map

935 kb

692 KB

I also added the locations to the main tree, as well as reenabled moving locations.

Also a bug related to autosave has been fixed.

Also the beta site has sample code for a scmdraft (trigger) plugin, anyone who is interested in coding one may want to take a look at this.


Prerelease #5 online
 Posted: 27-03-2005 04:22:46
The beta site now contains the prerelease #5 download, this version had addressed 2 uncommon issues which could cause the prerelease to freeze, as well as reenabled autosaving.

Remember to report all bugs you find.


Public Prerelease #2 #3 #4 available
 Posted: 16-03-2005 03:24:26
Another update: Prerelease #4 has been released, this should fix the graphics corruption errors that were occuring.

Update: Prerelease has been updated to #3 to address a freeze that occured when creating a new map.

The Scmdraft beta site now contains the second prerelease, this version has fixed the following bugs and addressed other minor issues.

    Changed in Prerelease #2
  • Fixed an issue which caused a map to contain multiple MTXM sections, and have Starcraft use an old one instead of the current version. Opening these maps and saving in prerelease #2 will correct the problem

  • Fixed a crash related to dragging while placing start locations.

  • Fixed an error which caused unnecessary redraw after terrain placement.

  • Fixed a bug that caused doodads at the left and top map edge to die.

  • Optimized speed of doodad recovery from MTXM data.

  • Fixed a bug which limited the amount of user enterable text in trigedit to 64000 characters (This did not affect the amount of text initially generated).

  • Fixed a bug which caused scmdraft to crash when undoing / redoing placement of locations with nonambiguous names.

  • Fixed a crash caused by placing fog of war off the lower limits of the map.

  • Fixed a crash caused by NULL type terrain.


First prerelease version online
 Posted: 13-03-2005 03:34:08
The first prerelease version of Scmdraft 2 0.5.5 has just been added to the beta site. I hope there are no major bugs, however as this is a prerelease it will now be the testers job of making sure and reporting anything they find.
Here is a list of potential bugs that I know of.

  • Screen fails to update with changes until scrolled

  • Title fails to update with a * when the map was changed

  • Undo does not undo an action

If you encounter any of these issues, or anything else, please report them in the bugtracker on the beta site so they may be fixed.

These are just some of the features of this version.

  • Ability to zoom the map view

  • The object tree has been extended to include not only terrain and units, but sprites and doodads as well.

  • A new profile selection and edit window so you can have a profile for each mod you work with

  • All settings are now stored in the registry, the .ini file is no longer required.

  • The terrain palette has been redone, in addition the basic brushes are available in the main window

  • The backup system has been changed to an integrated database (Advanced menu)

  • The doodad window has been redesigned

  • You may now specify exactly which type of grid you wish to use

  • The debug menu has been left active for your enjoyment

  • When checking for updates, a window with progress will appear and it will list all changes if a new version has been released

  • You can now preview a players fog of war exactly as it would appear in game

  • The output has been moved into its own window, this will later return in full colors

  • All map sounds are now played using the DirectSound engine, to prevent the input freeze.

  • Many minor tweaks, bugfixes, new options

The prerelease will automatically check for updated versions when starting, in order to quickly alert all the users to any potential bugs. This will be removed in the final version.

Please take a look over the Known issues page before reported bugs.


Scmdraft prerelease site launched
 Posted: 10-03-2005 18:05:48
The scmdraft prerelease site is now open for signups. The accounts you create here will also later be used for the rest of Stormcoast Fortress.
When signing up ensure that you enter a valid email address, as you will not be able to activate your account without it.

The downloads will be added to the beta site in the next few days, this will be announced seperately.


New terrain palette preview... new forum
 Posted: 10-02-2005 04:36:34
After having finished the last of my finals this week I now have a few weeks of time during which I can work on scmdraft.
I plan on finishing 0.5.5 this week and releasing a preview either this weekend or next, then a final version 2 weeks after that, this depends on how many bugs are still in this version.

The terrain palette has been redesigned, no longer will it lag when using it to use tileset indexed mode, among other improvements. The next release also will have one or two other nice surprises.

Also has agreed to open a subforum dedicated to Scmdraft, right here.

Tileset Indexed mode

Now you can resize the palette to any height you want.

Subtile Mode

Subtile mode has been changed, ctrl click any tile in the map to show all possible types of its tilegroup, then select a group and place it via clicking.

Rectangular Terrain

Now available in any size brush up to 256x256.


Screenshots of Scmdraft 2 0.5.0, new poll
 Posted: 1-12-2004 14:49:33
Due to the delay in finishing the final version of Scmdraft 2 0.5.0, I have opened a new poll, you all may vote upon whether I should release a version which hasn't been as thoroughly tested by my beta testers as previous versions as a separate download until it is proven stable, allowing everyone to use it while accepting the increased risk of crashes, or whether I should wait until everything is 'perfect'. Some of the new features of 0.5.0 can be seen in the following screenshots:

New doodads window (now with animation and doodad state change (when applicable))

New grid settings window

Visibility (unit sight range) preview mode. Screen 1(600 kb)

Zoom editing: Screen 1(800 kb) - Screen 2(750 kb)

Also, a photo of the drive that used to contain the source backups, which had died.

Also I have linked the first version of scmdraft to contain trigedit on the Scmdraft download page, this version is virtually identical to 0.4.5, except it contains the first generation trigedit plugin, a readme listing the basic commands, and a few minor updates. I will not provide help on how to use this version, this is just if you are willing to try.

In other news, although this had been added to the menu, it still warrants being mentioned here, LeeJase has made a rather extensive SCXE tutorial which may be found here.


New section on Stormcoast Fortress, file specs
 Posted: 12-04-2004 23:51:29
I have started a section I have been planning for a while, dedicated to providing accurate and bugfree file formats for files related to starcraft modding. The first example is online, the font specs.
Also I have switched the polls, following the week of forum downtime due to the host having difficulties, I want to see what the opinion about hosting my own forums is.


Minor Scmdraft update (Only users with windows 9x)
 Posted: 3-04-2004 20:21:12
I have fixed the bug which prevented some windows 9x users from running Scmdraft 2. If you use any windows NT based os you ought not to have been affected and need not redownload.

Also, for those who hadn't guessed, yes, the previous post was an april fools joke ;-)

Download it here:
ZIP Archive or RAR Archive.


Scmdraft 2 devolpment delayed
 Posted: 1-04-2004 02:47:13
I have recently been in contact with various blizzard employees, and I have been offered a job as an intern over the summer (much as merlin and king arthur of Camelot Systems had previously done) However there is a possibility of integrating Scmdraft 2 with SC 1.11 patch, if it meets the strict QA controls in place by blizzard as well as their schedule. Thanks to blizzard for showing their support for the starcraft community for the past 6 years (Yes, its starcraft's sixth anniversary, it's been that long already)


Scmdraft 2 v0.4.5 released
 Posted: 29-03-2004 02:10:57
Although the trigedit plugin is still undergoing final testing, I have decided to release the next version of scmdraft. Once trigedit is stable it will be available as a seperate download to drop right into scmdraft 2, this will hopefully be next weekend or possible the weekend afterwards. Until then feel free to report any bugs in this release of scmdraft 2 here, although I and my beta testers have done extensive testing there may have been a few we oversaw.

New Features:

  • Unit properties window recoded to change behaivior, selected units now displayed with yellow selection circles in the map display, also no changes are applied until the corresponding checkboxes are hit.
  • Terran addons now are properly displayed as connected as well as properly linked ingame.
  • General settings dialog.
  • Status bar now displays relavent information.
  • Terrain types now also in the left bar, also terrain type hints in terrain palette.
  • All settings are now remembered between sessions.
  • Protoss buildings which are powered are now shown with a green selection circle.
  • More grid sizes and colors, also unit, sprite snap to grid features.
  • Option to check for an updated version automatically once a day.
  • Program now warns when changes to the exe are detected (file corruption, worms, virii, etc)
  • Ability to hide all placed map revealers.
  • All unit shadows and overlays are now displayed.
  • Arbiter cloaked units are shown as cloaked.
  • Ability to use keys 1-8 to switch players as well as owner of currently selected units.
  • Optionaly disables placing of minerals too close to resource depots and vice versa.
  • Sprites now placable for all players.
  • Sprite property dialog.
  • Ability to resize left splitter.
  • Current map is now autosaved every 5 minutes to temporary file. (NewMap.scx or oldfilename.scm.autosave in current directory)
  • Improved creep display.
  • When holding down control unit life is shown. Also when holding down control in the fog of war layer, fog of war for all players is changed.
  • Improved unit selection with shift and control mod keys.
  • Fixed 2 crash bugs(fog of war over the edge of the map, restore unit defaults without a unit selected) as well as a few minor display bugs.
  • Removed all memory leaks.
  • Alot of other minor and cosmetic changesI am too tired to remember.

Download it here:
ZIP Archive or RAR Archive.


Space Edit V 1.0 released
 Posted: 21-03-2004 23:32:39
I have found a bit of time this weekend, and decided to finish SpaceEdit (37KB) to a point where it could be released. If the demand is high enough I will add a graphical preview and placer, however I currently have a quite hectic schedule.


Mod authors contact me for easy scmdraft support.
 Posted: 26-02-2004 05:50:54
Any mod authors who wish to have scmdraft include *.ini files for their mod directly in the next releases please contact me with details of which files your mod uses. This will allow anyone who has the mod installed to run scmdraft with the mod graphics / stats loaded directly.

Also I have finally added scmdraft 1 to the download script and tallied up the previous downloads (Total bandwidth / file size, total is ~45K downloads!). This was mainly caused by the number of sites hotlinking the files instead of the download page.


Scmdraft 2 Version 0.4.0 released
 Posted: 22-02-2004 03:43:40
After many weeks of waiting, finally, the new version of Scmdraft 2 has been released to the public. Although delayed by exams and other minor matters the new features such as undo should make up for this.

[UPDATE 25.02.2004]
-Fixed bug where maps with 256 locations could corrupt data. (255 locations is the engine maximum.)
-Fixed bug in rangechecking while restoring doodads (caused crash when loading maps with doodad tiles on the lower right edge due to off by 1 error in rangecheck)
-Fixed a stupid stupid bug introduced by the undo code which resulted in map corruption after deleting units. Anyone who was affected by this bug can email me the maps and I will fix them. Alternatively check the directory the map is in for the autobackup.

New Features:

  • Features:
  • Undo / Redo implemented (All terrain editing, doodad placement / deletion, unit placement / deletion, sprite placement / deletion, location placement / deletion / resize, fog of war placement).
  • New entry in *.ini file, UndoListLength, to set number of steps which can be undone/redone.
  • Recovery of terrain doodads from maps (certain third party editors corrupted / deleted the DD2 section preventing selection of doodads and proper deletion).
  • Proper loading of maps damaged by starforge, unfortuanently the ISOM reconstruction algorithm isn't complete and therefor has been disabled.
  • Sprite palette redesigned to use a treeview, also option to place 'unit' sprite (As used by installation doodads) or a conventional sprite (All other doodads, conventional sprites).
  • Majority of menu commands now have keyboard shortcuts, following staredit convention.
  • Edit menu added, are disabled when unneeded.
  • Added right-click menu, current behavior is to only appear when the selection commands apply, this may change on demand.
  • Changed window menu to include sprite and doodad palettes, removed unit and location properties (Accessable via edit->properties or by pressing Enter after selection).
  • Layer menu moved, now can be found in the edit menu.
  • Boundaries of location currently being resized / moved now properly shown while scrolling.
  • Reset unit / upgrade / tech settings to default values now implemented.
  • Map revealer spacing changed to reduce redundant placement.
  • Ability to remove all map revealers for a specified player.
  • Ability to set max mineral and gas amount via *.ini file.
  • Switching modes will now consistently update all displays, regardless of how the switching is done.
  • Terrain palette now properly displayed after making a new map.
  • Bugs:
  • Minor bug involving first patch of fog of war placed has been corrected
  • Previously units which where burrowed where not displayed as burrowed after loading the map.
  • Square terrain brush now properly alternates terrain.
  • Fixed bug where trailing letter of the shortcut target would get cut off (Resulted in shortcuts to scmdraft.ex instead of scmdraft.exe)
  • Bugs fixed in recent maintenance release
  • Error displaying locations in twilight tileset corrected.
  • First unit/tech/upgrade that was selected could mess up the data for first unit / tech / upgrade in the map.
  • New map now should properly set default values for units / techs / upgrades.

Download it here:
ZIP Archive or RAR Archive.

For help: Stormcoast Fortress Forums
To report bugs or request features: Scmdraft CVS

Webmasters who wish to directly link to the files on this server may email me in order to set up rights, this prevents the proliferation of outdated versions on various sites.

Also, please remember to vote in the current poll, the votes have been reset due to abuse.

Locations now may be deleted again, the wrong menu item was being disabled.


Scmdraft 2 maintenance release (Beta 0.3.4)
 Posted: 17-02-2004 23:09:05
The scmdraft 2 download has been updated with a newer version, this version does not have any of the new features enabled, however it fixes the following 3 bugs.
-Error displaying locations in twilight tileset
-First unit/tech/upgrade that was selected could mess up the data for first unit / tech / upgrade in the map.
-New map now should properly set default values for units / techs / upgrades.

Download it here:
ZIP Archive or RAR Archive.


Minor bugfix and new tutorial
 Posted: 3-02-2004 00:59:49
2 bugs have been fixed in Scmdraft II:
-A rare bug which caused unit owner ship to change when editing unit settings for the first time after loading a map was elimated.
-Bug within the check for update routine which potentionaly could cause an incorrect update status was fixed.
Also max mineral amount was set to 50000 (As per SC patch 102).

In addition to the bugfix release the first of hopefully many tutorials is online, this tutorial was written by Darkness22k and covers mineral stacking in scmdraft 2.
Anyone wishing to have their own starcraft modding / mapping related tutorial hosted at Stormcoast Fortress may contact me for details.


Scmdraft Beta 0.3.2 Released, and Memgraft Beta Test signup open
 Posted: 7-01-2004 02:23:53
UPDATE 27.01.04
Fixed a bug which caused creep tiles to be saved when displaying creep instead of only being displayed. No version change (Not detected as new version by autoupdate feature)

UPDATE 14/01/04
Fixed a bug which prevented resource amounts to be recoqnised in starcraft, however they were being recoqnised by staredit. Also should make hanger amount and energy amount work if they had not been working before. New version is online.

UPDATE: Wav sound crash bug also fixed, this occured when editing a new map which had not been saved once and therefor didn't have a mmapped MPQ.

The forums and CVS will be down for a day or so as they are being moved to a new server.

THe next beta version of scmdraft has now been released. This will likely be the last major update for a month, as always all bug reports will be corrected asap and the download will be updated. Bugs can be reported to the CVS or the forum as always. If you experience bugs and do not report these do not expect them to be fixed.
New features in this version:

-New Map
-Load CHK, save as CHK, save as map version other than the map was when loaded. (All fully tested for staredit compatibility)
-Subtile palette (Choose any tile from the current tileset, in future will allow custom tile arrangements)
-Basic sprite placer / remover (Will be improved in future versions.)
-Sound importer (Allows sound files and virtual sounds from the MPQ files, display will receive updates in the future to display wav length, size, compression.)
- String editor to allow direct editing of all strings in the map.
-New output / feedback function that warns of deleted units / doodads by terrain placement, toggleable in the options menu)
-Display of space background.
-Proper animation of all doodads.
-Nydus canal links are now displayed and may be set when placing canals
-Location names are now displaying in the Starcraft font and not overlapping the terrain behind them.
-Optional Shell integration
-Ability to check the web for updates, and if available autodownload.
-Minor speed increases and display of zerg creep under zerg buildings.
-Default mineral amount now set when placing minerals, values to use as default editable in the .ini file.
-Start Maximized / Windowed editable in .ini file.
-When placing units their ready sound will play (Can be disabled in options menu)
-Prevented crash when viewing location properties without having a location selected.
-Now cleanly fails opening all protected and invalid maps (Including protected maps which add invalidly formatted chunks).
-Ability to save a 1:1 sized bitmap of the currently open map (Including units, doodads, buildings, etc)

Download it here:
ZIP Archive or RAR Archive.

Also new, Dark Wizzard has opened the beta signup for the new version of Memgraft, signup at SME


New Project Preview and Scmdraft Beta 0.31 Screenshots
 Posted: 24-12-2003 05:30:05
I have started work on a new project, specificly an editor for the star background on space maps (Star appearance, star positions, and star count.) Changing the number of layers may be possible, I have not tested this yet. Default is 5 layers, under 5 is possible, more than 5 may be.

Result Preview

Editor Preview

Also 5 screenshots of the next scmdraft version are now online.
Action Log Display
Layer name and text display using SC font(s)
Preliminary String Editor
Wav and Virtual Wav importer
Subtile selection for new terrain brush type

Lastly, there now is a CVS dump for Scmdraft bugs and suggestions Here

UPDATE 25.12.2003:
Space background display in Scmdraft beta 0.3.1:

Click to enlarge.


Scmdraft Beta 3 Released
 Posted: 13-12-2003 22:53:20
The third (and hopefully last) beta version of ScmDraft 2 is now available for download. This version adds
Unit settings
Upgrade Settings
Technology settings
installation doodad display
installation doodad activation (double click to open/close doors, etc)
a fix to the creep code which was causing terrain editing to slow down
ability to set MPQ Locale ID via ini file (IE display german strings with an english Starcraft installation)
added recent file list
close map
Units sorted by race
Numerous internal changes and optimizations.
Two new commandline options: -ini=Custom.ini to use a different ini file (Useful for mod loading, 1 shortcut per mod instead of folder), and -map=mymap.scm (to load a map immediately)

Full Size(350 KB)

Download it here:
ZIP Archive or RAR Archive.


Quicik ScmDraft 2 update
 Posted: 3-12-2003 23:22:22
Scmdraft has been updated to include the forces editor, and now prompts to delete the *.cnd files from the map. These files are used by to check whether it is a blizzard approved map or ladder map and can cause error messages such as 'Unable to authenticate map'. Also fixed are 2 creep display related bugs and a bug in the code to display whether the unit can be placed.

The updates to the MPQ code should not have affected the MPQ writing in any way, however in the unlikely event of anyone not being able to open a map in staredit, SCXE, or starcraft after saving please email the map and the details of what you did asap so it can be fixed.

Download it here:
ZIP Archive or RAR Archive.


Starcraft chatlogger updated to 1.10
 Posted: 2-12-2003 22:20:35
The Starcraft \ Broodwar ingame chatlogger has now been updated to support version 1.10. This has only been tested with broodwar installed, however it ought to run in starcraft without broodwar as well. This is in the form of a MPQDraft plugin and therefor requires MPQDraft to run.

As always Stormcoast Fortress is not responsible if your account or cd-key is banned from due to the patch being considered a hack.
Download as zip archive or as rar archive.


Scmdraft Beta 0.2.1 Released!
 Posted: 30-11-2003 23:15:31
A new version of scmdraft 2.0 is available, this version fixes a bug in the MPQ save code which caused the map to rarely be saved in a MPQ format which was incompatible with staredit save code, however still was valid in starcraft and MPQ editors. The first of the map properties tabs has been finished, which allows you to change the map description and title, resize the map, and set up player races and colors. Also added is a psi display and creep display, the ability to place map revealers for a specific player and to reset the fog of war state for each player. Minor updates include grid display, locations optionaly snap to grid, among others.

Download the newest beta as ZIP or RAR.


Minor Scmdraft Update
 Posted: 21-11-2003 00:22:28
Having been busy most of the last week, this new release doesn't have any major updates, just has a minor bugfix and proper idle animation, cloak state, hallucinated state, disruption web, and dark swarm animation, as well as support for mod MPQS (edit scmdraft2.ini)

Download the newest beta as ZIP or RAR.

Sample mod MPQ entry would be: TertiaryMPQ3=%SCPATH%StarWarsTC.mpq

Also, vote in the poll in the menu to sway what scmdraft would do with protection, and discuss this in the forums.

Note to webmasters: Feel free to directly link the download script, however please do not mirror the files as the links are updated regularly with newer builds.


Star Alliance releases Banshee campaign
 Posted: 15-11-2003 18:40:53
The Star Alliance have released the first maps of the banshee campaign / mod. Download it at the banshee subsite.


Scmdraft status upgraded to Beta with new release
 Posted: 15-11-2003 05:01:45
I have upgraded Scmdraft 2.0 to beta status following the completion of the basic unit code. Download the newest buld as ZIP or RAR compressed.

The current version features
-Full unit placement (Including various modes set in the menu)
-Terrain editing (Isometrical / square / rectangular)
-Doodad Placement
-Fog Of War Editing
-Location Editing
(Each of these should at least equal staredit in functionality)

Updates from the last build include:
-Unit code (Unit properties only available via menue)
-Plugin code
-Isometrical terrain changed to restore damaged maps (If your map has an invalid ISOM section, just clear it to 0 and the values under the isometrical brush will be correctly set, may cause corruption so backup.)
-numerous minor cosmetic and internal changes

As always report bugs and suggestions in the forums.

EDIT: also changed the poll in the menu, for those who care about handling map protection please vote.


New scmdraft release
 Posted: 9-11-2003 01:33:05
The Scmdraft download has been updated to include the latest alpha, which includes location editing code (create, delete, resize, dblclick to edit properties (name etc)).


ScmDraft Update (Doodads)
 Posted: 5-11-2003 21:34:22
Scmdraft now has a working doodad palette as well as a few minor internal updates. Thanks to the modular internal construction additional sections can be quickly added (Next: locations)
I realize that the installation doodads do not all properly show their sprites, this will be addressed in a future release. P{ost all other bug reports in the forum or via email.


Forum change
 Posted: 5-11-2003 16:01:04
The forums are now shared with SM Empire, as the sites' staff have had a history of collaberation and share a common user base.
General discussion


First Scmdraft demo / alpha release
 Posted: 3-11-2003 01:13:10
The first release of scmdraft 2.0 is here, while this is an early devolpment version and as such doens't support all the features required in a final map editor, it will however allow you to edit terrain and doodads on your map.

Currently supports Isometrical terrain, square terrain, rectangular terrain, all of which are staredit compatible.

Placing doodads (tiles + sprites), which are saved starcraft and staredit compatible. This means any customization of the THG2 section will be lost as this is currently being generated from the DD2 section (Map doodads)

There is a terrain palette available, doodad selection is still being controled by numpad. (see the readme). Maps will be backed up when saving for the first time automatically. As always this is provided 'As-is'

Download it here (70KB)
UPDATE: minor mpq code revision due to a bug. If you were one of the first 30 or so to download please redownload to ensure this bug does not occur.

UPDATE 11.04.03 00:30: Download has been updated to include fog of war editor, as well as a few minor cosmetic changes.


Scmdraft screenshot and updates
 Posted: 25-10-2003 02:30:52
Minor update on scmdraft 2.0 - isometrical terrain perfectly working, square and rectangular terrain placing also working with various sized brushes without affecting isom layer, however placing a border over square terrain *may* have sideeffects, hasn't been tested.
once doodad code and save code is added an alpha build will be released with full terrain editing capabilities(projected ETA: 1-2 weeks max, until then here is a screenshot, also here and here.
Feel free to email me suggestions for scmdraft, however i may not have time to reply. Please don't send mail regarding scmdraft 1.0 beta as this is a new codebase and therefor the older version will not receive any updates.


New affiliate and new screenshot
 Posted: 28-09-2003 16:25:58
we now have a new affiliate,

also, a new screenshot of scmdraft 2.0 devolpment is up, this is 1 week into the coding phase with most time having been taken up with research. The screenshot shows the first build with isometrical terrain code, lacking all optimizations / bugfixes


Scmdraft 2.0 ?
 Posted: 21-09-2003 04:11:33
I have started plans for a new version of scmdraft, following a huge breakthrough in certain data areas thanks to the help of darkwizard. This version will be written in nonMFC VC++. The current plan includes a trigger editor that will be made by DW and GFX engine by myself, followed by terrain, doodads, units. alpha versions will be released once ready and feedback will be welcome.


Replay Viewer Updated with APM graph functionality
 Posted: 3-08-2003 20:21:26
Replay Viewer has been updated to display APM graphs with various settings. Download to try it. Feel free to post comments suggestions as always.
Sample Graph


Quick update (download script)
 Posted: 29-07-2003 16:10:55
The download script should now always allow downloading, the bug that had resulted in mistaken direct linking errors has been circumvented. If ANYONE still gets an error for direct linking while following a download link on this site please mail me.


Boredom leads to Replay viewer update
 Posted: 29-07-2003 03:15:26
I just had some time to add a nifty feature to the replay viewer, namely, the ability to save chat logs to a text file at the click of a button. Also may integrate the 1.10 -> 1.11 converter into the program at a later time. To use download the program(94 KB, need winrar 3.0 or compatible to unzip), browse to your replay directory of choice and select the replay. Displays all information as previous versions did, and has button which allows you to save the text.
sample chatlog excerpt follows:

<00:01:04> [OBSERVER]Cr_w: FatalBlow impressed me a lot last game though. Very Witty counter.
<00:01:04> [OBSERVER]]anjo[: hehe zero :)
<00:01:06> [All]Aether-X: chobo bei LOL
<00:01:09> [All]Alcuper: rah rah
<00:01:09> [All]Aether-X: i wasn't thinking of that t.t
<00:01:38> [All]Aether-X: what a sad way to end finals me being confused as hell
<00:01:42> [OBSERVER]]Zer0[: nimm w3c @ hotdog ^^
<00:01:42> [All]Aether-X: and you probably know what you're doing ;o
<00:01:54> [OBSERVER]]anjo[: muahaha@zero :=
<00:02:00> [All]Alcuper: yeah but don't tell anyone
<00:02:04> [All]Aether-X: wthax
<00:02:05> [All]Alcuper: they might mistake me for a gosu
<00:02:11> [All]Aether-X: do you thumbs this down in ladder or no
<00:02:14> [All]Alcuper: no
<00:02:16> [All]Aether-X: i've played this once
<00:02:19> [All]Aether-X: ever
<00:02:22> [All]Alcuper: I thumbs only gnollwood and the other creepfest
<00:02:38> [All]Alcuper: this is high micro map

For those who have trouble downloading, the download script will be updated in the next week to fix the rare errors.


Replay Converter for 1.10 -> 1.11 available
 Posted: 16-07-2003 22:24:42
This app converts war3 replays from 1.10 to 1.11 format. This only works because there were no balence or gameengine changes.
Download (16KB)
to use select replays you wish to convert and drag over the exe, the exe automatically will convert all replays detected as being 1.10 to 1.11.


Replay Viewer Update #2
 Posted: 8-07-2003 02:58:44

The second update to the program since the release of TFT, repview now displays APM and is fully compatible with TFT and RoC 105 - 110.


Random info
 Posted: 1-07-2003 01:31:18
I've been messing around with a SC engine coded in direct3d, just for myself. Here is a rar containing numerous versions of this app. To run place the exe and the mpq in SC directory and start it. This is just a personal proof of concept app and I am not planning on offering assistance if it fails to run.


Replay Viewer Update
 Posted: 30-06-2003 17:29:35
After the release of WC3: RoC patch 1.10 and The TFT add-on, the replay viewer app has been updated to support replays of the corresponding files.
This will still support replays starting at 1.05 and up to 1.07 (TFT) and 1.10 (RoC), the newest TFT patch has been untested as I have not been able to find any replays or this version. If the patch requires more changes, the update should be online tommarow.


StarCraft X-tra Editor 2.6
 Posted: 5-06-2003 09:56:56
Finally it is there, the new and long time ago announced version 2.6 of StarCraft X-tra Editor. The German version is already out since easter and got great feedback. Now the English version which uses a bit more advanced way of patching for the modes is also ready for public release. There is no difference in the feature list apart from the language in the two versions:

Download StarCraft X-tra Editor 2.6 German (5.3 MB)

Download StarCraft X-tra Editor 2.6 English (5.5 MB)

Additional Notes:

  • The wizard is now the same in both languages, you can switch between German and Englisch in the options menu.

  • The file you download is an SFX-RAR-Archive which should be able to unpack its files itself when you run the EXE. If that should not work open the file with WinRar 3.x, put all files in it in the same directory and run SCXE26Setup.exe

  • I might be not able to answer and reply on all sites SCXE is or will be announced. If you need help with it please visit the forum of Sovereign Modding Empire for English and for German support. You can also find a list of changes/new features there apart from the possibility in SCXE ifself.

  • I have found a lot of unofficial mirrors for the last version. I have nothing agains that, but if you want to mirror SCXE on your site please tell me the name of it and the link for the download, so that I can add it to the mirror list here. That helps a lot to save traffic. Thank you!


Replay Viewer
 Posted: 28-05-2003 00:04:11
The first beta version of Replay View is hereby being released. Although this version doesn't have close to the feature set I am planning for the final release, it has advanced far enough to be publicly available. Suggestions for further features are being accepted, however note that these may not be implemented.
Currently planned features:

  • Starting replay in Warcraft III
  • Searching directory for replays with certain players
  • Sorting by game type (ie Ladder 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, custom 1v1, etc)
  • Renaming and sorting of replays
  • Support for TFT replays and pre 104 RoC Replays
  • Support for SC and BW replays
  • Extracting further ingame information from the raw data.



Updated SC GFX dat file spec.
 Posted: 18-03-2003 21:18:50
Broodkiller has supplied me with a newer version of his "Starcraft graphic DAT files entries specification", which basicly are tables of the dat file crossreferences. it can be found here.


Warcraft 3 TFT beta started
 Posted: 4-03-2003 13:57:17
yep, the war3 addon beta has begun. Should last 2 months ot so. I havn't gotten a key, maybe i will in the second wave of mails. Or if anyone wishes to donate one ;)


New Tool
 Posted: 23-01-2003 19:51:51
have uploaded a tool that allows you to follew the selected unit in a wc3 replay, quick and dirty.

Note to webmasters: you are allowed to mirror this file, however do not directlink to this file on my server.


New color scheme
 Posted: 14-10-2002 00:15:42
I just changed the color scheme to one based on darkblue, please use the new poll to express your feelings on it. Note the forum colors are still the same. please post comments and suggestions in the forum. also changed the tables so they resize to screen resolution and aren't fixed to 1024.


Opening downloads
 Posted: 16-09-2002 23:47:01
After numerous people have asked about the downloads, I am posting here that winrar 3.0 is required to open the downloads, older versions may report a crc error, this is then due to the winrar version being used and not a damaged download.


WarCraft X-tra Editor 1.1 Patch
 Posted: 30-08-2002 11:56:54
The bug causing compile errors with triggers in the English version of WCXE 1.1 has been found. It rooted in the thing that I made this version of the base of Warcraft III 1.00! If you downloaded the English version before, you should download this patch. If you haven't downloaded WCXE yet, you don't need the patch as the installation file has also been updated.

Download WCXE 1.1b Patch (for English version only)

Simply unpack the files in your WCXE directory and overwrite the "WXtraEdit.exe" and the "WCXE Versions.txt".


WarCraft X-tra Editor 1.1 released
 Posted: 29-08-2002 17:32:48
WarCraft X-tra Editor 1.1 for WarCraft III is out! It allows you to place all hidden units, gives you more options in the unit editor and comes with a color wizard for text colors and a comfortable import for the new unit editor features. WCXE offers more possibilities than any other current advanced World Editor.

This version is availible in German and English.

German [5.65 MB] (Screenshots)

English [5.6 MB] (Screenshots)

[EDIT] The downloads are now in rar format to save on bandwidth. (SI)
[EDIT] is now providing a file mirror. The download link will automatically use both locations.


Minor updates
 Posted: 23-08-2002 05:08:44
just uploaded a newer phpbase for the site, has more admin functions and is starting to intregrate forum into the rest...
also I added poll functions :-)
go ahead and vote in the current poll...


WarCraft X-tra Editor 1.0 released
 Posted: 23-08-2002 05:02:39
The first public version of my new project - the WarCraft X-tra Editor - is done. WCXE allows you to place normally hidden units in the Editor and allows you to create maps with a size up to 480x480. Version 1.0 is availible in German only. An English version will follow.

Download WCXE 1.0 (4,85 MB)


Camsys Temporary URL
 Posted: 23-08-2002 05:02:22
As Camsys's IP has changed and the DNS servers have not been updated to reflect this, Camsys can only be accessed via this IP:


 Posted: 23-08-2002 05:02:18
I have uploaded a forum i am currently coding. View it here. Expect features to be added whenever i get around to it.


Download Starlogger
 Posted: 23-08-2002 05:02:09
Rangsk's new program, a text logger for Starcraft, can be found here. This program logs all messages in a game of Starcraft in multiplayer to a text file per game.


StarCraft X-tra Editor 2.5
 Posted: 23-08-2002 05:02:09
The new version of SCXE is out. It contains bugfixes, CHK-saving option and text color editing in the Editors. Furthermore there is now a Launch Wizard for running the modes and plugin up to 3 of your other map making tools.
Download SCXE 2.5 (5.4 MB) and try it out!



New tutorial up
 Posted: 23-08-2002 05:02:05
Added another tutorial by General mengsk, this one is about using Arsenal 3, winmpq, and mpqdraft to make Starcraft customs.


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