Quicik ScmDraft 2 update
 Posted: 3-12-2003 23:22:22
Scmdraft has been updated to include the forces editor, and now prompts to delete the *.cnd files from the map. These files are used by battle.net to check whether it is a blizzard approved map or ladder map and can cause error messages such as 'Unable to authenticate map'. Also fixed are 2 creep display related bugs and a bug in the code to display whether the unit can be placed.

The updates to the MPQ code should not have affected the MPQ writing in any way, however in the unlikely event of anyone not being able to open a map in staredit, SCXE, or starcraft after saving please email the map and the details of what you did asap so it can be fixed.

Download it here:
ZIP Archive or RAR Archive.


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