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DatEdit is an editor of the *.DAT files, used as primary resource and data files in Starcraft. It is a successor for such tools as Arsenal3, Arsenal Zero and ArrEdit, released by the legendary Camelot Systems team.

Probably the most important thing about DatEd is that it combines what is the best of the previously available editors (Arse3 and AZ), that is it is both stable and it has a Graphical User Interface. For more, it has updated listfiles for all DATs, it guarantees correct format support and lack of corruption as well as it is virtually bugless. Also, its source code is publicly available.

It also possess such features as:
  • MPQ Importing/Exporting ability (it can work with MPQ archives only)
  • Loading entire DAT directories
  • Backward DAT reporting (it shows you how different DAT files are interconnected)
  • Icon Preview
  • Jumping points (it allows you to jump straight where you want, without needing to look for it)
  • Bookmarks
  • Custom icons/TBLs linkage

and many more...see yourself
Download Sourcecode (BCB / C++).

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