Running ScmDraft on MAC using WINE

  • Download SCMDraft 2 ZIP version, and unzip it

  • Install the latest Wineskin:

  • Open Wineskin Winery

  • Install the latest Engine by clicking the + button

  • The dropdown should choose the latest version automatically
  • Click Download and Install (Name doesn't matter, just leave it as is)

  • Ensure your wrapper version is up to date (click the Update button if its enabled)

  • Click Create New Blank Wrapper

  • Name it something like SCMDraft
  • Wait for the wrapper to be created, then click View Wrapper in Finder

  • Open the wrapper, since we have not installed anything into it, it will launch a setup interface (if it doesn't want to launch, or you need to get back to the setup interface after SCMDraft is installed, hold the Alt/Option key while launching the wrapper)

  • Click Install Software

  • Click Move a Folder Inside, and choose the SCMDraft 2 folder you unzipped in step 1

  • Choose the SCMDraft executable from the dropdown (it should automatically select it)

  • Setup is complete, you can Quit the setup window

  • Open the wrapper, this time it should launch SCMDraft 2

  • You need to Edit the Default profile to setup your StarCraft path, so click Edit

  • Click the Browse button in the StarCraft Path box

  • The file browser is browsing a virtual windows machine, that also has access to your Mac's files, so it can be confusing to find things. You need to go into the "/" folder right at the top to find your Applications folder and select your StarCraft installation.
  • Click Save Settings, and you're done! You can now use the Default profile and SCMDraft will be running! Note: The wrapper is created in your user Application folder, but you can move it wherever you want

Optional steps:
Configure startup parameters:
  • Make sure you have exited SCMDraft and its fully closed
  • Hold the Alt/Option key while launching SCMDraft, you should get the setup interface again
  • Choose Advanced

  • Add desired parameters.

Thanks to poiuy_qwert for the instructions.

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