New Project Preview and Scmdraft Beta 0.31 Screenshots
 Posted: 24-12-2003 05:30:05
I have started work on a new project, specificly an editor for the star background on space maps (Star appearance, star positions, and star count.) Changing the number of layers may be possible, I have not tested this yet. Default is 5 layers, under 5 is possible, more than 5 may be.

Result Preview

Editor Preview

Also 5 screenshots of the next scmdraft version are now online.
Action Log Display
Layer name and text display using SC font(s)
Preliminary String Editor
Wav and Virtual Wav importer
Subtile selection for new terrain brush type

Lastly, there now is a CVS dump for Scmdraft bugs and suggestions Here

UPDATE 25.12.2003:
Space background display in Scmdraft beta 0.3.1:

Click to enlarge.


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