First prerelease version online
 Posted: 13-03-2005 03:34:08
The first prerelease version of Scmdraft 2 0.5.5 has just been added to the beta site. I hope there are no major bugs, however as this is a prerelease it will now be the testers job of making sure and reporting anything they find.
Here is a list of potential bugs that I know of.

  • Screen fails to update with changes until scrolled

  • Title fails to update with a * when the map was changed

  • Undo does not undo an action

If you encounter any of these issues, or anything else, please report them in the bugtracker on the beta site so they may be fixed.

These are just some of the features of this version.

  • Ability to zoom the map view

  • The object tree has been extended to include not only terrain and units, but sprites and doodads as well.

  • A new profile selection and edit window so you can have a profile for each mod you work with

  • All settings are now stored in the registry, the .ini file is no longer required.

  • The terrain palette has been redone, in addition the basic brushes are available in the main window

  • The backup system has been changed to an integrated database (Advanced menu)

  • The doodad window has been redesigned

  • You may now specify exactly which type of grid you wish to use

  • The debug menu has been left active for your enjoyment

  • When checking for updates, a window with progress will appear and it will list all changes if a new version has been released

  • You can now preview a players fog of war exactly as it would appear in game

  • The output has been moved into its own window, this will later return in full colors

  • All map sounds are now played using the DirectSound engine, to prevent the input freeze.

  • Many minor tweaks, bugfixes, new options

The prerelease will automatically check for updated versions when starting, in order to quickly alert all the users to any potential bugs. This will be removed in the final version.

Please take a look over the Known issues page before reported bugs.


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