StarCraft X-tra Editor 2.6
 Posted: 5-06-2003 09:56:56
Finally it is there, the new and long time ago announced version 2.6 of StarCraft X-tra Editor. The German version is already out since easter and got great feedback. Now the English version which uses a bit more advanced way of patching for the modes is also ready for public release. There is no difference in the feature list apart from the language in the two versions:

Download StarCraft X-tra Editor 2.6 German (5.3 MB)

Download StarCraft X-tra Editor 2.6 English (5.5 MB)

Additional Notes:

  • The wizard is now the same in both languages, you can switch between German and Englisch in the options menu.

  • The file you download is an SFX-RAR-Archive which should be able to unpack its files itself when you run the EXE. If that should not work open the file with WinRar 3.x, put all files in it in the same directory and run SCXE26Setup.exe

  • I might be not able to answer and reply on all sites SCXE is or will be announced. If you need help with it please visit the forum of Sovereign Modding Empire for English and for German support. You can also find a list of changes/new features there apart from the possibility in SCXE ifself.

  • I have found a lot of unofficial mirrors for the last version. I have nothing agains that, but if you want to mirror SCXE on your site please tell me the name of it and the link for the download, so that I can add it to the mirror list here. That helps a lot to save traffic. Thank you!


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