Version History of: Firegraft 0.9.2


Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug where the exe edit strings continually expanded during
saving until they crashed the loader with invalid index errors.
-Fixed a bug where plugins would not be loaded properly.
-Fixed typos in exe edits.
-Fixed a bug where blank button sets caused the loader to crash.
-Fixed a bug where the text function treated characters as signed,
meaning all extended chars were determined to be flags, not actual

Program Changes
-Rearragned several components on the interface.
-PAT Import has been recoded to be faster.
-Several string lists used internally have been updated to store the
strings in a hash table, increasing program speed.

Features Added
-Saved files no longer maintain all previously named fgp files. This
change also helps the open function to not be confused when loading


Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug that prevented saving when additional button sets were added.
-Fixed a bug where the size of the Exe edit structure was saved wrong, causing
the patcher to crash.
-Fixed typos in the exe edits which caused sometimes unreadable memory to be
accessed or an invalid instruction to be executed.
-Fixed a bug where Requirement Functions did not properly store changes.

Features Added
-Added linked Exe Edits. Edits that are linked can be changed all together.
-Added option to run update check upon opening. This feature will run the
update check every 3 days to check for a new version.


First Public Release

This version was completely recoded after beta testing on 0.85 - 0.87

Bug fixes prior to release
-Fixed a bug that dealt with copying MPQ's during saving
-Fixed several access violation bugs
-Fixed several issues with coloring and display in the text preview
-Fixed an issue where saving an opened exe corrupted it
-Fixed a bug where button sets didn't load properly

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