First Scmdraft demo / alpha release
 Posted: 3-11-2003 01:13:10
The first release of scmdraft 2.0 is here, while this is an early devolpment version and as such doens't support all the features required in a final map editor, it will however allow you to edit terrain and doodads on your map.

Currently supports Isometrical terrain, square terrain, rectangular terrain, all of which are staredit compatible.

Placing doodads (tiles + sprites), which are saved starcraft and staredit compatible. This means any customization of the THG2 section will be lost as this is currently being generated from the DD2 section (Map doodads)

There is a terrain palette available, doodad selection is still being controled by numpad. (see the readme). Maps will be backed up when saving for the first time automatically. As always this is provided 'As-is'

Download it here (70KB)
UPDATE: minor mpq code revision due to a bug. If you were one of the first 30 or so to download please redownload to ensure this bug does not occur.

UPDATE 11.04.03 00:30: Download has been updated to include fog of war editor, as well as a few minor cosmetic changes.


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