Scmdraft 0.6.0 Prerelease #1
 Posted: 23-08-2005 17:58:38
The first prerelease of Scmdraft 0.6.0 is available for download on the beta site, while this release mainly fixes the bugs that were reported for 0.5.5 it also includes a few new features. The direct link will allow you to download without logging in.

Changes from 0.5.5:

  • Bugs

  • Minimap now updates when undoing / redoing unit owner changes and unit movement.

  • Doodads occasionaly were being set as active without this being possible. (-> staredit/SCXE crash)

  • Removed read only checkbox when opening maps (wasn't supposed to be there)

  • Upgrade limit now properly set to 1 for upgrades with only 1 level.

  • Brush unit updates player color (Goliath and tank turrets weren't changing)

  • Sprite flags now can be unset

  • Some shortcuts weren't always registering, now all work.

  • Was allowing maps with more than 64 locations to be saved as Vanilla maps, fixed.

  • Bug causing dropdown of save dialog to not properly be filtered fixed

  • Also fixed bug with SCM / SCX maps

  • Features

  • Copy / Cut / Paste units

  • Copy / Cut / Paste doodads

  • Copy / Cut / Paste sprites

  • Copy / Cut / Paste terrain

  • Multilayer Copy / Cut / Paste

  • Ctrl click to select current terrain type (Also jumps to selected tile in tileset indexed mode)

  • Display of areas where minerals / start locations are not allowed

  • Mineral type randomizer

  • Added second grid layer

  • Added grid to tileset indexed window

As always, please report all bugs you encounter.


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