Scmdraft 2 v0.4.5 released
 Posted: 29-03-2004 02:10:57
Although the trigedit plugin is still undergoing final testing, I have decided to release the next version of scmdraft. Once trigedit is stable it will be available as a seperate download to drop right into scmdraft 2, this will hopefully be next weekend or possible the weekend afterwards. Until then feel free to report any bugs in this release of scmdraft 2 here, although I and my beta testers have done extensive testing there may have been a few we oversaw.

New Features:

  • Unit properties window recoded to change behaivior, selected units now displayed with yellow selection circles in the map display, also no changes are applied until the corresponding checkboxes are hit.
  • Terran addons now are properly displayed as connected as well as properly linked ingame.
  • General settings dialog.
  • Status bar now displays relavent information.
  • Terrain types now also in the left bar, also terrain type hints in terrain palette.
  • All settings are now remembered between sessions.
  • Protoss buildings which are powered are now shown with a green selection circle.
  • More grid sizes and colors, also unit, sprite snap to grid features.
  • Option to check for an updated version automatically once a day.
  • Program now warns when changes to the exe are detected (file corruption, worms, virii, etc)
  • Ability to hide all placed map revealers.
  • All unit shadows and overlays are now displayed.
  • Arbiter cloaked units are shown as cloaked.
  • Ability to use keys 1-8 to switch players as well as owner of currently selected units.
  • Optionaly disables placing of minerals too close to resource depots and vice versa.
  • Sprites now placable for all players.
  • Sprite property dialog.
  • Ability to resize left splitter.
  • Current map is now autosaved every 5 minutes to temporary file. (NewMap.scx or oldfilename.scm.autosave in current directory)
  • Improved creep display.
  • When holding down control unit life is shown. Also when holding down control in the fog of war layer, fog of war for all players is changed.
  • Improved unit selection with shift and control mod keys.
  • Fixed 2 crash bugs(fog of war over the edge of the map, restore unit defaults without a unit selected) as well as a few minor display bugs.
  • Removed all memory leaks.
  • Alot of other minor and cosmetic changesI am too tired to remember.

Download it here:
ZIP Archive or RAR Archive.


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