ScmDraft2 0.6.0 Prerelease #3 available!
Accepting final suggestions
 Posted: 11-11-2006 00:49:33
I am releasing the next ScmDraft 2 version to the public for testing. This version will not appear in autoupdate for roughly two weeks, depending on how much feedback I get, and whether any bugs are found.

Also, I am requesting any and all feature requests to be made now. This will most likely be the second to last non bugfix update! They may be posted in the New forums or the Staredit scmdraft forums.

Features that are still planned

  • Return of text trigedit (and improved)

  • Odd shape selection in Copy/Paste mode

Changes in this version

  • Temporarily removed text trigedit

  • Added classic mission briefing editor

  • Added switch renaming dialog

  • Added support for 1.14 text colors

  • Redid the string editor (Including color tag table)

  • Added color tag table to trigger editor

  • Changing player now accepts ("2", "02", "Player 2", "Player 02")

  • Isom brush now changes size every step

  • Colorcode stripping in strings in unit tree and classic trigedit dropdowns

  • Cut / Copy / Paste layer has filters

  • Added brush window

  • Ability to save custom brushes to file and subsequently load

  • Minimap reflects fog of war

  • Fixed minor cosmetic bugs

  • Added a few more display options

  • Ability to select multiply rectangles when copy / pasting terrain (via shift and ctrl)

  • New map creates default melee map triggers

This version may be downloaded HERE.
Please report any bugs, crashes asap, including if possible mapfile which crashed, steps to cause the crash, and crash dump file

Also if you have received the error " This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way." please get in contact with me and send me your backupDB.scmdDB file so this may be fixed.

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