Scmdraft Prerelease #8
 Posted: 28-04-2005 00:50:34
Update: Download has been updated to fix the walking units animation glitch

After several delays, prerelease #8 is now available on the scmdraft beta site. This version mainly has minor bug fixes as well as a update to trigedit to fix minor syntax errors.

  • Fixed delayed player color updating when editing map settings.

  • Fixed bug preventing option maximize on startup to be used.

  • Reenabled placement of 0x0 locations

  • Added option to confine location name text to location box

  • Location text is now being removed when deleting a location that had text outside the box

  • Stopped locations from being able to be placed outside the screen on maps which were smaller than the screen size.

  • Fixed a bug which had some animatiuons not show the proper frame (notably installation traps)

  • Fixed bug which removed all illegally placed units on doodads when placing illegal units was disabled and editing terrain

  • Allowed start location to be placed ontop of units

  • Fixed palette window corruption after closing all open windows

  • Fixed a crash with non snapped locations (Introduced in prerelease #7)

  • Other minor fixes


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