Scmdraft Beta 0.3.2 Released, and Memgraft Beta Test signup open
 Posted: 7-01-2004 02:23:53
UPDATE 27.01.04
Fixed a bug which caused creep tiles to be saved when displaying creep instead of only being displayed. No version change (Not detected as new version by autoupdate feature)

UPDATE 14/01/04
Fixed a bug which prevented resource amounts to be recoqnised in starcraft, however they were being recoqnised by staredit. Also should make hanger amount and energy amount work if they had not been working before. New version is online.

UPDATE: Wav sound crash bug also fixed, this occured when editing a new map which had not been saved once and therefor didn't have a mmapped MPQ.

The forums and CVS will be down for a day or so as they are being moved to a new server.

THe next beta version of scmdraft has now been released. This will likely be the last major update for a month, as always all bug reports will be corrected asap and the download will be updated. Bugs can be reported to the CVS or the forum as always. If you experience bugs and do not report these do not expect them to be fixed.
New features in this version:

-New Map
-Load CHK, save as CHK, save as map version other than the map was when loaded. (All fully tested for staredit compatibility)
-Subtile palette (Choose any tile from the current tileset, in future will allow custom tile arrangements)
-Basic sprite placer / remover (Will be improved in future versions.)
-Sound importer (Allows sound files and virtual sounds from the MPQ files, display will receive updates in the future to display wav length, size, compression.)
- String editor to allow direct editing of all strings in the map.
-New output / feedback function that warns of deleted units / doodads by terrain placement, toggleable in the options menu)
-Display of space background.
-Proper animation of all doodads.
-Nydus canal links are now displayed and may be set when placing canals
-Location names are now displaying in the Starcraft font and not overlapping the terrain behind them.
-Optional Shell integration
-Ability to check the web for updates, and if available autodownload.
-Minor speed increases and display of zerg creep under zerg buildings.
-Default mineral amount now set when placing minerals, values to use as default editable in the .ini file.
-Start Maximized / Windowed editable in .ini file.
-When placing units their ready sound will play (Can be disabled in options menu)
-Prevented crash when viewing location properties without having a location selected.
-Now cleanly fails opening all protected and invalid maps (Including protected maps which add invalidly formatted chunks).
-Ability to save a 1:1 sized bitmap of the currently open map (Including units, doodads, buildings, etc)

Download it here:
ZIP Archive or RAR Archive.

Also new, Dark Wizzard has opened the beta signup for the new version of Memgraft, signup at SME


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