Scmdraft 0.8.0 released
 Posted: 18-05-2007 20:42:00
The next version of scmdraft has now been released, download it here. This version contains a few new features, such as isometrical mirroring, and a few changes in the way animations are handled.

    Release 0.8.0
  • Added isometrical terrain mirroring.

  • Added observer trigger option when creating a new map.

  • Added possibility to directly edit location coordinates

  • Fixed default installation map triggers.

  • FIxed a minor difference in the way trigedit and classic trigedit count string usage.

  • Updated iscript code to run several more opcodes as well as now correctly preview units with subunits.

  • Updated Unit stats editor to link subunits with their parents.

  • Fixed an issue with windows vista which caused a freeze while resizing windows.

  • Many other minor improvements.

Update: If you experience issues with editing units damage, please redownload.


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