Scmdraft 2 Version 0.4.0 released
 Posted: 22-02-2004 03:43:40
After many weeks of waiting, finally, the new version of Scmdraft 2 has been released to the public. Although delayed by exams and other minor matters the new features such as undo should make up for this.

[UPDATE 25.02.2004]
-Fixed bug where maps with 256 locations could corrupt data. (255 locations is the engine maximum.)
-Fixed bug in rangechecking while restoring doodads (caused crash when loading maps with doodad tiles on the lower right edge due to off by 1 error in rangecheck)
-Fixed a stupid stupid bug introduced by the undo code which resulted in map corruption after deleting units. Anyone who was affected by this bug can email me the maps and I will fix them. Alternatively check the directory the map is in for the autobackup.

New Features:

  • Features:
  • Undo / Redo implemented (All terrain editing, doodad placement / deletion, unit placement / deletion, sprite placement / deletion, location placement / deletion / resize, fog of war placement).
  • New entry in *.ini file, UndoListLength, to set number of steps which can be undone/redone.
  • Recovery of terrain doodads from maps (certain third party editors corrupted / deleted the DD2 section preventing selection of doodads and proper deletion).
  • Proper loading of maps damaged by starforge, unfortuanently the ISOM reconstruction algorithm isn't complete and therefor has been disabled.
  • Sprite palette redesigned to use a treeview, also option to place 'unit' sprite (As used by installation doodads) or a conventional sprite (All other doodads, conventional sprites).
  • Majority of menu commands now have keyboard shortcuts, following staredit convention.
  • Edit menu added, are disabled when unneeded.
  • Added right-click menu, current behavior is to only appear when the selection commands apply, this may change on demand.
  • Changed window menu to include sprite and doodad palettes, removed unit and location properties (Accessable via edit->properties or by pressing Enter after selection).
  • Layer menu moved, now can be found in the edit menu.
  • Boundaries of location currently being resized / moved now properly shown while scrolling.
  • Reset unit / upgrade / tech settings to default values now implemented.
  • Map revealer spacing changed to reduce redundant placement.
  • Ability to remove all map revealers for a specified player.
  • Ability to set max mineral and gas amount via *.ini file.
  • Switching modes will now consistently update all displays, regardless of how the switching is done.
  • Terrain palette now properly displayed after making a new map.
  • Bugs:
  • Minor bug involving first patch of fog of war placed has been corrected
  • Previously units which where burrowed where not displayed as burrowed after loading the map.
  • Square terrain brush now properly alternates terrain.
  • Fixed bug where trailing letter of the shortcut target would get cut off (Resulted in shortcuts to scmdraft.ex instead of scmdraft.exe)
  • Bugs fixed in recent maintenance release
  • Error displaying locations in twilight tileset corrected.
  • First unit/tech/upgrade that was selected could mess up the data for first unit / tech / upgrade in the map.
  • New map now should properly set default values for units / techs / upgrades.

Download it here:
ZIP Archive or RAR Archive.

For help: Stormcoast Fortress Forums
To report bugs or request features: Scmdraft CVS

Webmasters who wish to directly link to the files on this server may email me in order to set up rights, this prevents the proliferation of outdated versions on various sites.

Also, please remember to vote in the current poll, the votes have been reset due to abuse.

Locations now may be deleted again, the wrong menu item was being disabled.


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