Replay Viewer
 Posted: 28-05-2003 00:04:11
The first beta version of Replay View is hereby being released. Although this version doesn't have close to the feature set I am planning for the final release, it has advanced far enough to be publicly available. Suggestions for further features are being accepted, however note that these may not be implemented.
Currently planned features:

  • Starting replay in Warcraft III
  • Searching directory for replays with certain players
  • Sorting by game type (ie Ladder 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, custom 1v1, etc)
  • Renaming and sorting of replays
  • Support for TFT replays and pre 104 RoC Replays
  • Support for SC and BW replays
  • Extracting further ingame information from the raw data.



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