Public Prerelease #2 #3 #4 available
 Posted: 16-03-2005 03:24:26
Another update: Prerelease #4 has been released, this should fix the graphics corruption errors that were occuring.

Update: Prerelease has been updated to #3 to address a freeze that occured when creating a new map.

The Scmdraft beta site now contains the second prerelease, this version has fixed the following bugs and addressed other minor issues.

    Changed in Prerelease #2
  • Fixed an issue which caused a map to contain multiple MTXM sections, and have Starcraft use an old one instead of the current version. Opening these maps and saving in prerelease #2 will correct the problem

  • Fixed a crash related to dragging while placing start locations.

  • Fixed an error which caused unnecessary redraw after terrain placement.

  • Fixed a bug that caused doodads at the left and top map edge to die.

  • Optimized speed of doodad recovery from MTXM data.

  • Fixed a bug which limited the amount of user enterable text in trigedit to 64000 characters (This did not affect the amount of text initially generated).

  • Fixed a bug which caused scmdraft to crash when undoing / redoing placement of locations with nonambiguous names.

  • Fixed a crash caused by placing fog of war off the lower limits of the map.

  • Fixed a crash caused by NULL type terrain.


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