Preview of the next Scmdraft release
 Posted: 8-08-2005 21:27:32
Two months after the release of Scmdraft 2 v0.5.5, and over 12000 downloads, it is time to show some of the progress on the next version, as well as another round of screenshots of the mac version. The current version has all known bugs in 0.5.5 fixed, as well as copy and paste working for the units layer, as seen below:

(570KB) Copying a bunker formation)

(619KB) Copying an entire base

If everything goes according to plan, the first prerelease will be on the beta site in the next 3 weeks, here are some other features planned:

  • Copy paste doodads, sprites, terrain, locations, or all of these simultaneously

  • Multiple location selection / movement

  • Selective paste display

  • Brushes for units/doodads/sprites/terrain/locations

The mac port is coming along slowly, here you can see the floating tree toolbox, which was recently completed.



Also, I havn't decided yet whether to allow multiple doodad / terrain palettes, feel free to discuss which you would prefer in the comments. I am also working on a Scmdraft FAQ, to explain common errors or basic tasks such as subtile terrain, feel free to suggest things to add to this as well.


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