ScmDraft 0.7.0 Released!
 Posted: 18-11-2006 04:26:25
Seeing as the previous prerelease has been out for a week with very few bug reports, which have all been fixed, I am releasing a stable version of this with a few minor changes and additional features as ScmDraft 2 V0.7.0. This version may be downloaded HERE.

Changes since Prerelease 3:

  • Redid plugin code, updated text trigedit for new plugin interface

  • Implemented wildcard select in terrain and cut/copy/paste mode. Press ctrl or shift + ctrl to select terrain.

  • Enabled display of backup times in the backup database

  • Added several zoom in levels

  • Added dialog for stacking

  • Fixed a crash introduced in prerelease 3 which could occur when deselecting a unit due to multithreading issues

  • Fixed 2 minor crashes in prerelease 3

Minor Changes:(Click to expand)

Changes from V6 prerelease 2 to 3:(Click to expand)

Changes from V5.5 to V6 prerelease 1:(Click to expand)

As always, please report any bugs and crashes you may encounter. If possible include the generated .dmp file.

As for those wondering about future plans, the next thing I want to do is write some documentation, afterwards allow upload and download of custom brush files to Stormcoast Fortress. As for a newer text trigger editor, the possibility is still there but I will not promise anything.


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