Stormcoast Fortress Starcraft Map Database beta launches
 Posted: 19-07-2007 01:32:36
A much delayed site feature, the Starcraft Map Database has now been officially opened to the public as a beta. While upload and download are fully functioning, not all protection methods are corrently being parsed correctly, therefor do not worry if your map fails to correctly generate minirature images, we need a wide sampling of maps in order to be able to load every one.

Currently the database generates an ingame minimap, as well as a full map image with a maximum size of 2048x2048 (fullsize for 64 x 64 maps, halfsize for 128x128, quarter for 256). Also some basic map stats are displayed as well as the title and description. In the future more stats or map catagories may be added, and the rating system will be fully functional, as well as a starcraft map database searchpage. An example for a fully parsed map can be found here.


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