Screenshots of Scmdraft 2 0.5.0, new poll
 Posted: 1-12-2004 14:49:33
Due to the delay in finishing the final version of Scmdraft 2 0.5.0, I have opened a new poll, you all may vote upon whether I should release a version which hasn't been as thoroughly tested by my beta testers as previous versions as a separate download until it is proven stable, allowing everyone to use it while accepting the increased risk of crashes, or whether I should wait until everything is 'perfect'. Some of the new features of 0.5.0 can be seen in the following screenshots:

New doodads window (now with animation and doodad state change (when applicable))

New grid settings window

Visibility (unit sight range) preview mode. Screen 1(600 kb)

Zoom editing: Screen 1(800 kb) - Screen 2(750 kb)

Also, a photo of the drive that used to contain the source backups, which had died.

Also I have linked the first version of scmdraft to contain trigedit on the Scmdraft download page, this version is virtually identical to 0.4.5, except it contains the first generation trigedit plugin, a readme listing the basic commands, and a few minor updates. I will not provide help on how to use this version, this is just if you are willing to try.

In other news, although this had been added to the menu, it still warrants being mentioned here, LeeJase has made a rather extensive SCXE tutorial which may be found here.


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