Scmdraft status upgraded to Beta with new release
 Posted: 15-11-2003 05:01:45
I have upgraded Scmdraft 2.0 to beta status following the completion of the basic unit code. Download the newest buld as ZIP or RAR compressed.

The current version features
-Full unit placement (Including various modes set in the menu)
-Terrain editing (Isometrical / square / rectangular)
-Doodad Placement
-Fog Of War Editing
-Location Editing
(Each of these should at least equal staredit in functionality)

Updates from the last build include:
-Unit code (Unit properties only available via menue)
-Plugin code
-Isometrical terrain changed to restore damaged maps (If your map has an invalid ISOM section, just clear it to 0 and the values under the isometrical brush will be correctly set, may cause corruption so backup.)
-numerous minor cosmetic and internal changes

As always report bugs and suggestions in the forums.

EDIT: also changed the poll in the menu, for those who care about handling map protection please vote.


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