New terrain palette preview... new forum
 Posted: 10-02-2005 04:36:34
After having finished the last of my finals this week I now have a few weeks of time during which I can work on scmdraft.
I plan on finishing 0.5.5 this week and releasing a preview either this weekend or next, then a final version 2 weeks after that, this depends on how many bugs are still in this version.

The terrain palette has been redesigned, no longer will it lag when using it to use tileset indexed mode, among other improvements. The next release also will have one or two other nice surprises.

Also has agreed to open a subforum dedicated to Scmdraft, right here.

Tileset Indexed mode

Now you can resize the palette to any height you want.

Subtile Mode

Subtile mode has been changed, ctrl click any tile in the map to show all possible types of its tilegroup, then select a group and place it via clicking.

Rectangular Terrain

Now available in any size brush up to 256x256.


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