Scmdraft Prerelease #7 up for grabs
 Posted: 6-04-2005 05:15:56
I have added Prerelease #7 to the scmdraft beta site. This release includes a few new features, as well as containing an updated dbghelp.dll so if it crashes you can send the crash dump, this way it can be analized and fixed.


  • Reimplemented code to remove illegally placed units when editing terrain, now only removes units in the vincinity of the brush.

  • Added an extra window for map resizing.

  • Ability to change map tileset in Scenario Size window (See above).

  • Ability to resize tileset palette window's width (to disable zoom)

  • Added ability to change doodads into terrain/sprites.

  • Added options to remove illegally placed units on map load.

  • Added option to disable doodad restoration on map load.

  • Added color palette to grid window.

  • Location resizing and moving now have cursors reenabled.

  • String editor displays string usage.

  • Unit settings editor shows second unit hitpointbox (LOW order byte).

  • Changed when map type box pops up for saver / save as.

  • Fixed a problem with hitpoint bar smearing while moving units with shift - arrow keys.

  • Fixed last _known_ graphic corruption issues.

  • Fixed an issue with building frame sizes.

  • Added options for autosave / backup creation.

Note this will most likely be the final prerelease before the final release and work on 0.6.0 is started, so make sure you report all bugs and add all suggestions before its too late.

Also if you get an error about a missing GameArchives.dll please redownload, a debug setting was accidently left enabled.


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