Boredom leads to Replay viewer update
 Posted: 29-07-2003 03:15:26
I just had some time to add a nifty feature to the replay viewer, namely, the ability to save chat logs to a text file at the click of a button. Also may integrate the 1.10 -> 1.11 converter into the program at a later time. To use download the program(94 KB, need winrar 3.0 or compatible to unzip), browse to your replay directory of choice and select the replay. Displays all information as previous versions did, and has button which allows you to save the text.
sample chatlog excerpt follows:

<00:01:04> [OBSERVER]Cr_w: FatalBlow impressed me a lot last game though. Very Witty counter.
<00:01:04> [OBSERVER]]anjo[: hehe zero :)
<00:01:06> [All]Aether-X: chobo bei LOL
<00:01:09> [All]Alcuper: rah rah
<00:01:09> [All]Aether-X: i wasn't thinking of that t.t
<00:01:38> [All]Aether-X: what a sad way to end finals me being confused as hell
<00:01:42> [OBSERVER]]Zer0[: nimm w3c @ hotdog ^^
<00:01:42> [All]Aether-X: and you probably know what you're doing ;o
<00:01:54> [OBSERVER]]anjo[: muahaha@zero :=
<00:02:00> [All]Alcuper: yeah but don't tell anyone
<00:02:04> [All]Aether-X: wthax
<00:02:05> [All]Alcuper: they might mistake me for a gosu
<00:02:11> [All]Aether-X: do you thumbs this down in ladder or no
<00:02:14> [All]Alcuper: no
<00:02:16> [All]Aether-X: i've played this once
<00:02:19> [All]Aether-X: ever
<00:02:22> [All]Alcuper: I thumbs only gnollwood and the other creepfest
<00:02:38> [All]Alcuper: this is high micro map

For those who have trouble downloading, the download script will be updated in the next week to fix the rare errors.


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