Memgraft 1.12 released!!
 Posted: 1-04-2005 16:11:57
Stormcoast Fortress is proud to announce the release of an updated Memgraft version with support for Starcraft 1.12B.
Darkwizzard has offially retired from this project however he allowed me to update it, please do not ask him for support. He has however informed me that he is working on a mac plugin for Memgraft together with BahamutZero which will be released with a mac version of MPQDraft later.

Download Memgraft 1.12 (PC) here
You may report bugs here, however there are currently no set plans to fix reported bugs. You will need a Stormcoast Fortress user account in order to report bugs, this can be created on the Scmdraft beta test site.


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