Version History of: ScmDraft 2 Version 0.7.3 Beta

Release 0.7.3
Fixed a bug which caused text trigedit to occasionally shift switch indexii
Fixed a bug which could cause maps to crash using installation door doodads
Fixed a freeze when attempting to delete doodads with no doodads selected

Release 0.7.2
Fixed a bug which could corrupt strings when loading maps with renamed switches. Update scmdraft !!
Fixed a display bug in trigedit and string editor for korean chars, as well as some ascii chars

Release 0.7.0
- UPDATE: Fixed a rarely occuring freeze when placing siege tanks
- Redid plugin code, updated text trigedit for new plugin interface
- Implemented wildcard select in terrain and cut/copy/paste mode. Press ctrl or shift + ctrl to select terrain.
- Enabled display of backup times in the backup database
- Added several zoom in levels
- Added dialog for stacking
- Fixed a crash introduced in prerelease 3 which could occur when deselecting a unit due to multithreading issues
- Fixed 2 minor crashes in prerelease 3
Minor Changes:
- Fixed a broken opcode in iscript routine which froze a sprite.
- Tileset Index window now remembers width via profile.
- Enabled mousescroll in tileset index.
- Changing the players of a trigger will now automatically select the new player in order to show the trigger in the list .
- Selecting and deselecting protoss units will now not always show powered status .
- Added current line display to text trigedit
- Fixed switch numbering in text trigedit
- Fixed bug which caused you not to be able to select cut/copy/paste layer via menu
- New debug option: Show collision boxes
- New option: Copy doodad tiles when copying terrain

Prerelease #3
- Added classic mission briefing editor
- Added switch renaming dialog
- Added support for 1.14 text colors
- Redid the string editor (Including color tag table)
- Added color tag table to trigger editor
- Changing player now accepts ("2", "02", "Player 2", "Player 02")
- Isom brush now changes size every step
- Colorcode stripping in strings in unit tree and classic trigedit dropdowns
- Cut / Copy / Paste layer has filters
- Added brush window
- Ability to save custom brushes to file and subsequently load
- Minimap reflects fog of war
- Fixed minor cosmetic bugs
- Added a few more display options
- Ability to select multiply rectangles when copy / pasting terrain (via shift and ctrl)
- New map creates default melee map triggers

Prerelease #2
- Fixed a bug with ashworld shale terrain.
- Fixed a bug that didn't update creep and mineral placement after using arrow keys to move units.
- Fixed a freeze caused by an error in converting single grid to dual grid.
- Fixed a crash when pasting units off the screen.

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